Burning Right Weekly September 22, 2142

“Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.”

Woman Is Burned Alive In Her Home

Last Wednesday firemen arrived at a house on Elm, when they found books they doused it in kerosene. In doing so firemen killed a woman, Sophia Clark. Clark was inside the house with her books when the house was sent up in flames.

Firemen told reporters that they arrived on scene and there was a woman inside the house when they arrived. Usually the police officers arrive first and evacuate anyone living in the house, but they didn’t that night. As the firemen busted through her door invading her house she didn't try to escape or move. Calmly the women quoted Hugh Latimer, “Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.”

Aggressively the fireman Captain, Joseph Beatty, slapped Clark and demanded to know where the books were. According to Beatty, the woman was being troublesome so he had to do what he did, even though the tip they received said that the books were in the attic. Soon firemen were marching up the stairs to the attic door. As they forced themselves through the door books cascaded to the firemen’s feet open and vulnerable.

While Clark stood below them judging them the firemen doused her possessions in kerosene. As the firemen were fleeing the house so they wouldn’t be caught stuck inside Clark couldn’t part with her books. Beatty left the woman behind, but Guy Montag, a fireman at the house, couldn’t leave Clark behind. Clark then refused to let Montag stay behind a pulled out a match from her hand. When the firemen saw the single rectangular match they ran from the house. Once the firemen were safely away from the house, it went up in flames. Clark sadly died alongside her books on September 18, 2142.

When reporters arrived at the former house of Clark, Elise Blake gave a statement, “I was the one who called in the complaint. I didn’t mean for it to end like this. I was outside when the house went up and all I could think was what have I done.” Like many people in the neighborhood Blake is in despair about the passing of Clark. Though the Beatty wouldn’t give a statement about the woman’s death other firemen have been at a loss for words.

Clark's burned house.
Are ads too repetitive?


If you ride the subway or put in some seashell radio earbuds there are ads. The ads are most likely the same ads on repeat. One of the most popular ads is the Denham’s Dentifrice Toothpaste ad, the ad just consists of the slogan of Denham’s Dentifrice repeated over and over again.

Ads are too repetitive, because they are constantly buzzing everywhere, the same ad over and over again. Everywhere you go there is constant noise and it is always the same ad, “Denham’s Dentifrice, Denham’s Dandy Dental Detergent.” Repeating the ads is just another way for the government to control the people. If the only ad for toothpaste people hear is for Denham’s Dentifrice then that is the brand of toothpaste they will buy.

Another reason why repetitive ads are bad are because they are yet another way for the government to prevent free time to think. The ads are equivalent to a constant buzzing derailing any trains of thought. Maybe is the ads changed then it would be easier to tune out than a constant droning in your ear.


Clarisse Anne McClellan sadly died on September 10th, 2142 when she was hit by a car. Clarisse was born on September 7th, 2125, her parents were Lillian and Lucas McClellan. Recently, Earlier in her life Clarisse went to Lakeview Elementary and then she went to Dentifrice High. In her free time Clarisse enjoyed observing nature and going for long walks. Her family says, “She is and will always be the light of our lives.” Her living relatives, her mother, father, and uncle, would like memorial donations be sent 9162 Crystal Terrace, Santa Monica, CA, and the funeral will be on the 25th at Bluebird cemetery. May she rest in peace.

Clarisse McClellan


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