Lonnie G Johnson By:Jade mason

6 October 1949 age 67

Lonnie G Johnson was born in mobile Alabama. His parents name aren't really known by his father was a verteran from World War II and his mother was a nurse aid. In his teenage years he went an all black school named Williamson high school. He graduated from Tuskegee university with a math scholarship.

Lonnie G Johnson didn't win any awards that I know of but Lonnie G Johnson did create your favorite thing to use in the summer and even have wars using them sometimes. That why he's famous today.

If you were guessing a super soaker or water gun your right. Lonnie G Johnson is known for making your favorite toy in the summer so thank him for every summer that's fun just because of water guns.

The Parker brothers made nerf guns which is a updated super soaker or a gun with rubber bullets to have fun.

This is a super soaker by nerf gun today
These are super soakers today that most people use to have fun in the summer.

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