spring break

Got home from school went to bed woke up the next Morning went to my grandmas with my god sister and her friend and rode 4 wheeler s, utv and went fishing.

went bass fishing caught 9 bass 2 two pounders and the rest are 1 pounders.
rode a couple of these went muddling in one because it was raining and could not go fishing my grandma said so i went out mudding got stuck in a creek.

got new shoes before i went to my grandmas they are camouflage under Armour.

Went to a buffet at a hunting lodge for my grandmas friend anniversary.


Created with images by Phil Scoville - "My Dad's Four-Wheeler" • Sponchia - "fish aquarium speed" • PublicDomainPictures - "animal blue creature" • pescatello - "Fishing with the boss" • racin jason - "Mule" • quinet - "Rugen hunting lodge"

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