Diplodocus Diplodocus Longus

How Long ago?

The Diplodocus lived 155.7 million to 150.8 million years ago.

Geologic Time Period?

They lived in the late Jurassic Period.

Which Mass Extinction?

Diplodocus died in the Cretaceous Extinction Event. This event was a global extinction event responsible for eliminating approximately 80 percent of all species of animals.

Dinosaur's Diet?

The Diplodocus were herbivores; they ate only plants. They consumed mosses, ferns, and gastroliths. Gastroliths are small stones swallowed to aid in digestion. The Diplodocus had incredibly long necks and could reach the leaves off of trees and swallow them whole.

Height and Length Dimensions?

Length of 90 feet (27m)

Height of 16 feet (5m) - tall at the hips

Approximate Weight?

They weighed about 39,000 lbs. (10,886 kg) They were considered "light weight" in dinosaur terms.

One Diplodocus is approximately equal to 3 Asian Elephants.

Current Regions of Fossils?

Diplodocus fossils are mostly found in the Rocky Mountains of western United States (Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming).

Interesting Facts!

The Diplodocus had its nostrils at the top of its head.

Diplodocus had two rows of bones underside of its tail to provide extra support and greater mobility.

The Diplodocus is a well known dinosaur that is popular in films, documentaries, as toy figurines and has been featured in a large number of museum exhibitions around the world.

Natural History Museum

The Diplodocus is the longest known dinosaur.

The End


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