Good Life Play Experienced by Zoelmys Ramos

The Social Experience

Like any freshman, I was nervous of arriving late, and then be unable to find the theater. On own I had to navigate through the Reitz with my Preview knowledge. The crowds of well dressed, equally nervous, young adults helped guide me.
Tonight was the opening show, so at around 7 everyone began to file into the theater lobby. Everyone was quite confused as how to proceed, as we were the first group to see the play. People were switching lines, or coming in and out the lobby doors trying to find answers.

The Spatial Experience

After scanning my Gator1 card, I through a dark corridor which opened up to a smiling face handing out programs and beautifully cozy theater. The seats were a warm red, and the air a cold blue.
I was ushered into a seat near the front left. From this vantage point I felt very close to the stage, making the experience seem more personal. In the second act, Sarah Bernhardt performed a monologue right in front of me. I am pretty sure we had a moment.

The Emotional Experience

I had gone into the theater with little expectations. I do love to see plays and view theater as a very beautiful art form. Other than that, I was unsure if the play would touch me at all. However, the play was absolutely wonderful. It was lively, dramatic, funny, sad, complex, and still applicable.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

During the talk back, the actors discussed the importance of the arts as a way of bringing truth and change to people. I could not agree more, especially as an interior designer.The rest of the way home I was buzzing with the familiar energy of passion. The kind you get after having a deep philosophical conversation with a dear friend.
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