A Mother's Love Sonaya vazquez-wright

My project is about my mom, Percy, and how she is a source of love for me, other people in my community, and the world. Her love has permeated and touched so many people throughout her life. She worked as a preschool teacher for more than 14 years, connecting with kids and parents. Now, she’s in school and getting her Master’s in social work, hoping to use her love and experience to help more people. At home, she’s a source of light for me and my family, always supportive and uplifting. Whenever I’m stressed or sad, she always knows a way to cheer me up. She’s always dancing and signings, brightening everyone’s days with her joy. I love her more than words can explain and I’m grateful for everything she does for me and others. Through this project, I hope to display the many facets of her love.

My mom and my sister, Miyari, in our backyard.
Mom's gardening gloves
Mom's favorite shirt