Andrew Carnegie A robber baron or captain of industry?

Andrew Carnegie was a...

Captain of Industry

  • Andrew Carnegie started off with almost nothing. He found ways in his early life to be successful and make money.
Andrew Carnegie's childhood home. His family of four in the attic.
Carnegie purchased Skibo Castle for $10,000,000 in 1897.
  • Carnegie finds smart ways for his steel business to be successful through vertical integration and the Bessemer process.
  • Carnegie's steel industry was very important in building large towers, in turn allowing the city to flourish.

After becoming the richest man in the world, Carnegie gave away $350 million in 1901. These donations have helped to build libraries and schools.

Carnegie's contributions still affect us today...

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall was created so that people could enjoy themselves through music and performances. Today it is one of the most acclaimed musical sites.
Carnegie is the founder of Carnegie Mellon University.
Between 1883 and 1929 2,509 Carnegie libraries were built.


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