Clams Ty Mednikoff

Clams Niche: Clams are actually very important to their ecosystem. Clams feed on toxic Algae along with Plankton which help clear the coast of pollution. Clams also sustain birds with pray so they are rather important to the ecosystem.

Unique Features: Clams have two shells that help the clams filter their food. They are normally black, Grey, White, and brown/yellow tint. These colors help the clams to blend in and protect them from predators.
level of organization: Two shells that are the same size, the shells are connected by a hinge in the back. Clams have organs also... they have a heart, kidneys, mouth, stomach, and a nervous system.

Clams reproduction: Eggs and sperm are released into the water seasonly. After this process, larvae are created and they settle on the bottom of the sand and turn into clams.

Generic clams are very abundant but giant clams are becoming less and less common. they are listed as a "vulnerable species" Clams are very important because they are a great food source for people all over the world. They also are used for trade and sometimes contain pearls that can be sold for a large sum of money.

Clams adaptations are pretty basic. When they feel threatened, they close their shell extremely tight and block the predators from feeding on them. They also use jet-propulsion in order to rapidly move through water.

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