Jewish Star

Judaism- The founder of Judaism is Abraham, he founded it over 3,500 years ago in the middle east. Islam developed from both Christianity and Judaism. Their holy book is called "The Torah". Their place of worship is called "Synagogue". Judaism's religious leader is called "Rabbis". Also their sects are Sadducee, Pharisees,Essene's,Zealots. In the religion , they celebrate Tisha B'Av and Purim.


Christianity- The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ. It was founded in Judea. All of these 3 religions believe that there is only one god. Christians have a bible as their book of worship, and they go to church. One of their religious leaders the Roman Catholic Pope. A couple of their sects are Lutheranism, Methodism and Anglicism. Christians celebrate Christmas , Easter, Ash Wednesday and a couple more.

Islam-The founder of Islam is Muhammad, it was founded in 622. Islam was developed by Christianity and Judaism. Islams holy book is called Qur'an. Their place of worship is called Mosque. Imam is Islams religious leader. A couple of their sects of religions is Sunni Muslims, Sufis and Shi'te. 2 of their official holidays are Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-adha.

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