Disassembling a Camera By:Ella Barclay

We stared with a whole camera
At first we took off the casing the camera off so we could have access to the circuit board. The case helps keep all the other parts inside the camera together.
The lens was easy to pop out once the case was taken off. The lens is used for the light to enter and expose light to the image.
After we took off the outer case, we took a screw driver and touched multiple parts of the circuit board to take out the electrical current. Thn we took the circuit board out.
Next we took out the film. The film is used for storing the images the lens captures.
Last, we took apart all the other casing and extra little parts to get to the base of the camera.
We took out all the little parts like the spring, the number wheel, lens, some clamps, and the glass used to look through the camera at the image.

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