Good vs. Bad Photos Moira chen

Exposure: Left image taken by Matt, some rights reserved, keywords: providence, buildings, architecture, building, outdoor, building complex. Right image by Laymon Nichols, all rights reserved, keywords: West Virginia, old buildings. outdoor architecture, building, street sign

The left image is blurry and the exposure makes it seem very washed out. The image on the right had good exposure which brings out the colors in the image.

Composition: Left image by Francesco Artibani, all rights reserved, keywords: night, dark, black, plant, black background. Right image by Simon Schlegl: all rights reserved, keywords: plant, green, macro, organic, pattern, foliage leaf

The composure of the image on the left seems very random, there is not clear subject and they are not all in the frame. The image on the right is well balanced and all of the leaves seem to pull the eye back towards the center of the plant.

Color: Left image by Chiccoli, all rights reserved, keywords: landscape, plant, tree, outdoor, sky, field. Right image by Cuba Gallery, all rights reserved, keywords: landscape, outdoor, hill

The left image is very dark and flat, there is not a lot of contrast between the colors and it looks very dull. The image on the right has a similar dark mood, but the bright green in the bottom contrasts the dull of the grey and is successful in utilizing color to set the mood.

Orientation: Left image by Vito, some rights reserved, keywords: portrait, people. Right image by Krisztina Latho-Daar, all rights reserved, keywords: amazing, portrait, face, phot, art, people, indoor

Both images have subjects in similar poses, however the one on the right is more successful. Even though the very top of her head his cut out, it captures the whole pose well and is balanced. The image on the left is cut off on both sides and gives a compressed feel to the subject.

Depth of Field: Left image by Bahman Farzad, all rights reserved, keywords: flower, pastel, plant, blossom, depth of field, white background. Right image by Derek, all rights reserved, keywords: flower, plant

The image on the left has poor depth of field, the fog in the photo only causes everything to seem out of focus. Even beyond the fog you can see there is no clear foreground, middle ground, and background as there is in the right image.

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