Mother Earth Karishma Khunger

The tears represent the pain that the Earth is enduring. It could also represent the different water sources on Earth and how humans are slowly squeezing the Earth of its water. The mountains represent the land as well as the strength of the Earth. In other words, it will be able to overcome the damage humans have caused if the impacts are prevented now.
The flowers and leaves represent the beauty of Earth and all that it has to offer. Earth gives humans the resources to produce food, live, in general, and experience the beauties Earth has to offer.
This shows that Earth is dying. In other words, human impact is slowly engulfing Earth, but it has not completely consumed her. The dead leaves and flowers, the burns, the cuts, and ripped fabric show this impact. The scars show that human impact will always be present into the future. The negative impacts have not completely reached the face, which means that there is still hope that the damage can be reversed.

What can we do? Start in your own community because difference starts within the community. Make efforts to promote recycling, support local green groups, participate in trash pick-ups, and bring awareness to issues involving damage to the Earth. To help make a difference nationally, support environmental groups whose mission is to help reverse or prevent Earth damage, or support the National Parks, which preserve the natural Earth.

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Karishma Khunger


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