ABCDesign Found at Busch gardens williamsburg

ABC Design has now created a whole new steel sit-down coaster called Hardmandle. Hardmandle is the story of German fairies. Fairies are the tiny mythological creatures that are either blessed with beauty or cursed with the life to torture mortals. Will you be the one who will make it through the ride blessed, to make it through with no problems, or cursed to be thrown around till you can't feel your legs? Come and ride Hardmandle to find out.

We chose King Watzman (later named Hardmandle) over Changling because it had a more extreme taste that seemed like it was going to satisfy thousands of riders. The layout was longer but it fit perfectly into the park because where Drachen Fire was, in the "country" Germany. The theme fit because it is German.

This coaster opened a month ago in October of 1992 in Busch Gardens Williamsburg and took over $4.5 million to make.

Wood or Steel: Steel

Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf

Height: 177 ft

Length: 4,564 ft

Top Speed: 80-82 M/H

Trains: 2

Inversions: 3 (2 Vertical Loops and a Cobra Roll)


Point of View

Off-Ride View

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