Beacon Design! and WHY THE catering professionals ARE CHOOSING us...

Beacon feels that there is a better way to do business. We recognise what our customers want and we know how they want it delivered.

We believe in challenging the status quo, pushing the boundaries of normality and changing tradition. We implement new ideas and look at what will work for you.

Like you we believe in creativity, high standards and delivering something truly amazing every time.

We have one goal, to fulfil your dream of working in a better environment. Whatever better means to you we have the recipe for your business success.

We do not have a plan; we do not conform, follow or obey the rules like our competitors. we know that in our customer’s business creativity is king. We do not do things in the way they have always been done, we make our own rules and deliver On our promise to fulfil our customer's visions.

To achieve our goals and fulfil our promises we provide a better product, create an enhanced experience and deliver a superior service for our busy, always demanding and ever growing customer base.

We are certain we can find solutions to the challenges that you face in your business. We understand these challenges must be met head on with passion and enthusiasm with a mind set to deliver our promise of meeting your needs by changing the world in which we all work.

We break the mould of normality, we are individual, unique and we are pioneers of our industry. We are trailblazers and trendsetters, we are chefs and we are designers.

Like you we work hard and recognise the true value of a job well done. We don’t measure ourselves or indeed our success in profits, accolades or hours worked without a day off. We know we are successful when we deliver a product or services that changes your world and enables you to do better.

We are truthful and loyal and have learnt to grow with our customers to exceed their expectations and continually surprise and astonish.

We provide design and equipment services to the hospitality and catering industry. with the most innovative kitchens, dining areas, bars and restaurants in the world we introduce new technologies and improve on old techniques.

From concept design to installation and handover we work with you.

We deliver the best so that you can too.

Want to work with us?

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