Reflection Final Assignment 3

My experience with Adobe InDesign is new. Prior to this class I was only familiar with Adobe Acrobat. Other products like Word, Excel, or Publisher have been easy for me to learn by just playing with different functions in the applications or updating my training with free courses at the local Library.

InDesign and Adobe products are unlike anything I have used and I find them extremely challenging. I find nothing in these programs is simple to learn or as easy to work with. I struggled to understand how the products work together and still struggle with what they can do. I feel I need more of a how to course that helps me know just the simple basics to avoid the struggle. I found I was continually searching for the right piece of the puzzle. Time is not always available to me to be struggling with projects I need to create at work. Although this class and the 2 lessons were helpful to get me started, I still feel I am a long way from completely understand all of InDesign.

One point I have noticed is that it is necessary to start in other Adobe products such as Photoshop or Illustrator to bring all projects together into InDesign. These are other products I will need to learn more about, what they do, how they work and the necessary components to bring everything together in what I plan to create.

For now I am glad to have begun to learn the program, but I know this is only a start to learn all I can. As far as teaching others…I am not an educator and this is the first time I have worked in InDesign (or other Adobe products), so I do not feel confident enough to train others, until I feel I have learned quite a bit more about the product. I will be able to help others with the basics I learned in this course, so co-workers do not have to struggle as I struggled.

I believe this is the first of many courses I will be taking in my effort to understand the Adobe line of products. Thank you for giving me a start.

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