Welcome to Milefield's Newsletter 04th OCTOBER 2019

Welcome to Milefield Primary School's Newsletter

We are eager and excited to launch our newsletter to pupils, parents and the local community. We hope that this new line of communication is both informative and useful in keeping you up to date with learning, school events, visits and much more. As always, your feedback is always welcome and appreciated; if there is anything you would like featuring on our newsletter, please inform a member of staff.

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I am pleased to inform you that the start of the academic year has been extremely successful. Pupils returned in September ready to learn and with the positive attitudes and behaviour to succeed. Learning has been in full swing from the word go and pupils are eagerly embracing the opportunities and challenges this brings. I am very proud of our school and pupils and thank you for your ongoing support and involvement. I am available most mornings on the school playground so please do come and speak to me!

Mrs K. Trickett (Deputy Headteacher)

Attendance Matters

This year we are focusing on improving attendance across school. We know we can rely on both pupils and parents to support us in raising attendance and reaching the national attendance target of 96%. I am pleased to say that we have got off to a great start and that weekly attendance has been just below target since starting back in September:-

  • Week 1: 94.6%
  • Week 2: 95.6%
  • Week 3: 95.9%
  • Week 4: 95.8%
  • Week 5: 95.2%
Thank you to all- we can see a real noticeable difference in attendance and the benefit which comes of pupils being in school on time, everyday!

190 School days per year =190 OPPORTUNITIES

It is lovely to see all pupils in school uniform- they all look extremely smart and show that they belong to Milefield. Please ensure your child continues to come in uniform everyday #proudtobelong


Well Done to Kendon Hickey (Year 6) who has been selected to play for Barnsley School Boys! Kendon was awarded his presentation tie in our sharing assembly last week by coach, Dean Brennan, and Steve Gates, Chairperson of Barnsley & District Schools Football Association. We are all extremely proud of him and this fantastic achievement.

Year 5 & 6 Visit to Eden Camp

Years 5 and 6 visited Eden Camp in Malton on Thursday 26th September. They learnt about World War 2 and how it started, who was involved and what life was like for people living in Britain throughout 1939-45. They especially enjoyed The Blitz and could not believe how scary the blackout was!

Year 3 & 4 Visit to Jorvik

Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the Vikings. We went on a visit to the Jorvik centre in York. Here we explored the sights, sounds and smells of the Viking Age and were given a real feel for what life was like over 1,000 years ago. The Dig has specially designed excavation pits where the children were able to rediscover some of the amazing finds that archaeologists have uncovered under the streets of York. We were able to touch real artefacts; work out what they would have been used for and understand how these finds give us an explanation about how people lived in the Viking times.

Jake in year 3 said, "I really loved the ride because I got to find out about the past.'
Emmie in year 4 said, "I think history is really exciting, I love finding out about the past. I can't believe the Vikings lived here."

Year 2 Visit to Weston Park Toy Museum

Class 2 had a wonderful time exploring Weston Park Museum on Monday. They found out even more about old toys and the games which children in the past used to play. They were explorers and searched for treasures from different countries around the world. They even found out about the amazing animals which live on our planet!

Year 1/2 Visit to Weston Park Toy Museum

On Wednesday Class 1/2 went to Weston Park Museum to see lots of old toys, animals and learn about the history of Sheffield. We even had time to go outside and hunt for some conkers! The children behaved fantastically and learned lots of interesting facts!

Year 1 Visit to Weston Park Toy Museum

The children in Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Weston Park. They had an opportunity to play in different role play areas where there was a kitchen, a butchers and a Victorian garden. All children were eager to learn about toys through time and get dressed up to play a role in that era. This has extended their learning with real life experiences.

Some comments from our pupils....
  • Nicolas- “We went on an exciting toy trail around the museum. We had a quiz and we needed to find all the answers which were hidden behind the glass.”
  • Amelia-“My favourite part was dressing up with different hats on pretending I was an olden girl”
  • TJ- “I loved going on the coach and learning about old dolls and what they are made from”


  • It is that time of year again where we gather together to celebrate Harvest.
  • The children in EYFS will be singing some of our favourite Harvest songs. We would love to see parents and families there on Friday 18th October at 9:15am.
  • This year we have asked children to come dressed as a scarecrow or farmer on the day if possible.
  • Please remember that children will enter the unit as normal and parents/carers will then be seated in the hall when the children are ready.
  • We are currently selling tickets and these will be priced at £1. Also, if you would like to donate any cans or food packets we will be giving these to the local church after our sing-a-long.
  • We look forward to seeing you there. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions.
  • Thank you for your continued support,

Early Years Team.

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a LEADER!

A whole school focus this year is to raise the profile of reading and improve reading outcomes for all pupils. We have already been working hard to revamp our school library and now have a new, fully resourced and exciting library in the heart of the school: Starbooks! Pupils have already been accessing the library and a wealth of new and interesting books. Please watch out for opportunities to visit our new library and to engage with reading and phonic workshops throughout this year.

Reading and sharing books is so important. We would like to set the pupils the challenge of reading everyday over this term- please don't forget to share this on our Twitter feed: @MilefieldP.

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents! Emilie Buchwald


Children in EYFS have been familiarising themselves with the story 'Supertato'. They have used lots of language related to the structure of a story such as beginning, middle and end and have thought about the characters in the story and put this into a story map. With some support, children could hear and recognise the first initial sound for some words in the story... look at our fabulous story map of SUPERTATO!


In KS1, we have been encouraging parents to come in and read with their children at the end of the day twice a week. If you haven't popped in yet, please do! Weekly reading assemblies are conducted in class where children enjoy a book on the carpet.

Here are some books that we would like to encourage all children to read by the end of Year 1.

Year 3 & 4 Reading

In class 3/4, we have been looking at lots of different types of books in our new library. We learnt about how to treat our library with respect and how we should use it. As a class, we chose books we want to read before we leave year 3/4 and are super excited to get our teeth stuck into a good book!

Currently, we are learning to independently get stuck into our reading books. Also, we have been taken on an adventure in our literacy skills lesson whilst reading Arthur and the Golden Rope! We have really got stuck into reading over the past few weeks in year 4. We have been looking at myths and legends as part of our Literacy. We have enjoyed finding out about the different beasts and heroes from some of the more famous myths. We have read myths from Greece, Italy and ones belonging to the Vikings. We have really enjoyed our class book, 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' by Joe Todd Stanton. We are using it to have a go at writing our own ending to the myth. We have also read about the legend of Robin Hood, a local hero.

It's the books that you read when you are young that stay with you forever! J. K. Rowling

YEAR 5 & 6

In Year 6, we have been reading class books: Anne Frank's Diary and Goodnight Mister Tom. Children have the chance to listen to an adult reading aloud as well as joining in with the text. In Literacy skills lessons, we read a range of texts linked to our Literacy learning then answer comprehension questions which are aimed at developing children's understanding.

Book Swap!- Come and use our book swap in main reception. We have books suitable for children and adults. Please come, take and replace!


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