February 2019 | Issue XV

February is all about love, and boy do we feel the love in our House.


2/22 - Skate with the Greats

3/5 - Heroes Volunteer Event Kick-Off

3/17 - United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

Pajamas and Dreams for Breakfast!

Every Saturday morning at the House our Breakfast Clubs come in to prepare breakfast for our families! Last month, our Breakfast Club #3 members, Nick, Bea & Denise hosted a Pajama Party breakfast.

The trio prepared a hearty breakfast for the families, and Bea & Denise dressed for the occasion in their PJ’s. Many of the families came to the dining room to enjoy a nice relaxing breakfast in their Pajamas too.

In honor of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the group organized a dream catcher activity. The children chose three dreams they have for what they want to be when they grow up. The dreams included a Princess, Teacher, Doctor, Hair Stylist, Cosmetician, Policeman, Fireman and Shirt Maker. They finished by decorating the dream catchers with glitter and feathers and had great pieces of art to bring back to their rooms to hang above their beds.

Submitted by Helena Russo

Chinese New Year with TAO!

On Monday, February 4th, we had a truly special time at the House. In honor of the holiday, the dining room was decorated with red lanterns and dragons for the Chinese New Year. The energetic team from TAO Cares brought in a delicious feast that was enjoyed by all. The menu included spring rolls, dumplings, fried rice and sushi. The TAO Cares team’s upbeat and outgoing energy while serving was greatly appreciated by the guests. Their team was led by Charles who was very engaging and inspiring to his team of volunteers. They did such a great job!

After dinner, there was a station set up where families could decorate chef hats and/or cookies. It was so great to see the kids’ artistic skills and how proud they were of each of their creations. One of our guests, Norah (our in-house Snow White) had so much fun decorating her spider cookie with the TAO Cares volunteers. It was such a fun night celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Submitted by Kelly Quane

Tasty Snowmen on Sunday Night

After dinner on Sunday the kids were invited to make donut snowmen with the Sunday Night Team. They placed 3 small powdered donuts on a straw and then used icing to attach eyes, nose and buttons (with assorted toppings).

The kids also got to enjoy their own hot chocolate during the craft. At the end of the night the kids faced the tough dilemma of whether to eat their snowman or keep it as their work of art!

Submitted By Kelly Quane

Board of Associates at the House

Wednesday, February 6th, was quite the Wednesday, with a lot going on at the House! First up, the guests had a dinner served by the Board of Associates. They had tasty Mediterranean bowls from CAVA donated. On the other side of the dining room there were tables piled up high with fun freebies donated by FABNY on behalf of Danielle Nicole.

There were tons of fun pillows, backpacks, blankets, slippers, sunglasses, keychains and more! Everyone loved the cute gifts. Once dinner was settling down everyone got together and sang to Connor who was celebrating his 3rd birthday. There was a delicious chocolate cake for everyone to enjoy.

Once the food was cleared, the energetic Wednesday team started up BINGO! All of the families had so much fun playing along, especially with the animated voices and high energy of the Wednesday night team members. The best part– the prizes were amazon gift cards!

Submitted by Kelly Quane

Volunteer Fun as the Reward!

Thank you to Saint Vincent de Paul for providing dinner for our families on Tuesday, January 22nd. Our kids were a little restless on Tuesday night…. I heard things like “but I don’t want to eat my veggies” and “I don’t want to do my homework.” But then – after some parental encouragement such as, “…. Or you won’t go to the playroom for crafts!” Miraculously… broccoli disappeared, and mathematical equations – solved.

Then onto the playroom, where the Tuesday night volunteer team made it an extra special fun evening, with a DIY Spinning Top craft. Not only were the tops fun to create, but everyone had an amazing time playing with them.

Submitted by Fred Marione



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