Simple machines think do test packet Beau williams

Restate: Yesterday I was not here but greyson started with a base idea for the pendulum. And had some ideas, he tried to test them out to see if they worked well. Not a lot of them worked at all. And some couldn't even work out while being put together.

Result: the pendulum is not strong enough to function properly, so we are going to work out another configuration for it to preform its task more efficiently, safely and properly. And maybe we might be able to create a longer lasting cycle.

Produce: Today we want to add weight to our pendulum to make it more able to preform its tasks and still be able to complete multiple cycles. If it doesn't work me might have to create a new idea for the pendulum.

For our pendulum we utilized the holes in the table and put pegs at the bottom of our machine to hold it steady, at the beginning and the end of our cycle when the pendulum takes its energy and moves the structure causing it to shift. This could possibly make the machine miss its target and that's why we used the table as help. We also used tires in the back as extra support to weigh it down when the pendulum is at its apex causing the structure to rise removing the pegs from there placement holes.

Description: We must create an elevator using a pulley system to lift and descent a certain amount of blocks within a range of 2 levels being three inches high. Must lift 3-4 small blocks or a single amount of equal weight elevator must use a pulley the elevator must include a platform or container to hold the objects must include a mechanism to lift and lower the platform manually e.g. Crank , handle

Think: we are going to be building an elevator using a pulley as asked. Trying to figure out a working mechanism meeting all the criteria while still remain functional.we hopefully will get to modifications today if we work fast.

1 12 17 Think: we are going to be finishing up the final design of our pulley system today and working on the platform doing some tests . them going into the modifications stage and doing multipul tests after we feel we have a working design. We possibly might have to enlarge the whole size of the unit for it to work well and properly.

Do we had a hard time getting the string to wrap around the turn wheel and connecting it to the platform so we will work on that tomorrow when we have to get this done. I tried to do multipul things but not alot of them worked

1/17/17 Think: we are going to get our final design for the pulley system and get it tested and after we finish we will start to begin. Our work on the lever challenge also we will put our video in the box below once we finish we are going to write in our packet for the final test part of the pulley then begin our packet part of the pulley and write our criteria and description

Today we begin our lever system and we need to go through the description and the criteria. Then do the beginning build and go from there once we get a solid idea of what we need to do. And also get to where we need to be so that we can finish all of the machines on time.

Think we are redesigning our spark page to make it look alot better than it does now so that we can easily see what we have done and what we are doing currently.

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