A Mack Family Update Winter 2019

We are so thankful for you and for your prayers for us and for the ministry here in South Africa! I thought I could give you a very quick glance at two of the opportunities we have been excited about the past couple of months and then give you an opportunity to pray and also one way you can possibly help us.


In January, we had the opportunity to minister in the Philippines.

We started out in Manila.

They say the Philippines is the “selfie” capital of the world. I don’t know about that, but I haven’t had to smile for so many pictures since my wedding.

I enjoyed teaching a conference at Higher Rock Church.

We spent the day looking at what the Bible says about wisdom, sexual purity, spiritual growth, and even took some time to give an overview of the Old Testament story as well.

The church in Manila was so kind to us. It was a special gift for God to allow Marda and I to go and serve and spend such sweet time together as well.

Let’s just say, I really like this lady! The more time I spend with her, the more grateful I am. I am so thankful for another year together.

We flew to Iloilo after our conference in Manila to teach with Overseas Instructors in Biblical Counseling. We spent eight hours a day for five days looking at what the Bible teaches about marriage and family counseling.

It was a privilege to get to know the students in the class and Dr. Wayne Vanderwier as well. God is blessing the ministry of OIC in some amazing ways as they are teaching students all over the world how to use the Scriptures more effectively in their discipleship and counseling ministries.

There’s nothing like being family in Christ. One of the best parts of traveling is meeting new brothers and sisters and enjoying Jesus together. We always learn so much. The believers we met in the Philippines were so hungry for God’s Word and so appreciative. I want to learn to express my gratitude for what God’s teaching me the way they do!


We are amazed by what God’s doing with ABTC. After such a great year last year, we didn’t know what to expect in 2019. But, God’s brought around 70 students from many different churches to us. Our goal is to provide top quality Bible training to members and leaders of African churches so that they can better understand, apply and minister the Word of God in their various settings. Right now we have a year long course in Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology and we are looking at developing a course in Applied Theology. One of the side benefits of developing this course is that by the end of this year, I will be close to have written a commentary on the entire Bible!


SMTI stands for Strengthening Ministries Training International and it offers a two year Masters level biblical counseling course which I am involved in teaching and which started this past week as well. We are looking forward to interacting with these new students and studying how to counsel biblically.

For Prayer:

If you could keep praying for us in regards to our tax situation in South Africa. Living in a foreign country is usually fun, but sometimes it is difficult, because you don’t always understand how things work. Since I have been paying taxes in the United States, I hadn’t realized I need to pay tax on that same exact income which we receive from the United States to South Africa as well. It is weird and complicated, and it has even taken the tax authorities here a long time to figure out the answer, (we’ve had to go to literally the highest level) but finally they have, and it looks now like we will have to pay for the past five years of taxes here, which is going to be significant. It’s been a very good and beneficial trial however, and I am so thankful for what God’s teaching me about trusting Him. Because of this increase in taxes, it looks like we will definitely need to pursue an increase in support as well. Fortunately, GMI is bringing us back to the States in July and August of this year. We are hoping to take advantage of that to visit various individuals and churches. And so, if you know of any opportunities we might have to share a little about what God’s doing and potentially develop new partnerships, please let us know! That would be a HUGE HELP to us.

A Praise!

I’ve officially finished my first book in Chinese! That’s an amazing praise as I obviously don’t know any Chinese. But I received this recently and I am just so thankful that God uses us at all.

And finally...

We are grateful for you! Thank you for your ministry to us. Lately, I have been sharing some thoughts with our church on pursuing humility, and I thought I might share some of those thoughts with you!

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