Bean Boozled By, Avery Ramos and Shao

Overlapping Events


Overlapping events are events that have one or more outcomes in common


Randomly Selecting Jellybeans

Event A: Grabbing a blue Jellybean

Event B: Grabbing a Normal tasting Jellybean

Venn Diagram


A diagram that uses circles to represent sets and their relationships


Randomly Selecting Jellybeans

Mutually exclusive events


Events that do not have anything in common


Rolling a Dice

A. Rolling a 2

B. Rolling an odd number

Applying this to our experiment,

A mutually exclusive event would be:

A. Selecting a bad, green jellybean

B. Selecting a good, blue jellybean

Neither event A or B share any common factors

Sample Space


the set of all possible outcomes of that experiment

In our demonstration, the possible outcomes are selecting a NORMAL jelly bean and a BAD jelly bean

Favorable Outcomes


The outcomes which make necessary the happening of an event in a trial

In our demonstration, the favorable outcome is selecting a normal tasting jellybean

This was determined based on the question we chose for this demonstration, "What is the probability of selecting a normal tasting jellybean from a group of 6?"

If 6 Jellybeans of the same color are selected, the favorable outcome of selecting a normal tasting jellybean is 2/3 based on the trial taken beforehand



P(A or B)= P(A)+P(B) - P(A and B)

From a deck of 52 cards

A: You draw a heart

B: You draw a queen

Based on our demonstration:

You have 20 jellybeans

A. You select a Blue Jellybean

B. You select a Normal


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