The Balanda Community Conference 2016 Rochester, MN USA

The goals for 2015 Conference was as follow:

Dallas Texas 2011

• To afford the Balanda People the conducive and amicable environment to exercise their democratic rights to elect the new leadership of their community in the United States

• To uphold The Balanda Community Association Inc. (BCA-USA) as a viable and influential organization and to preserve its integrity and protect its members.

• To develop viable alternative means to address the current division in the Balanda Community in order to reunite and preserve and promote the unity of the Balanda people in USA and worldwide

• To nurture and promote The Balanda Community’s cultural values and understanding in order to create a favorable ground for the unity of the Balanda Community in USA and worldwide.

• To empower the Balanda People and The Balanda Community Association as the custodians of their community.

• To developing action plans to address issues pertaining to the current crisis within The Balanda Community Association in USA and worldwide.

Day one of the BCA USA conference Rochester, MN USA

The former governor of Western Equatoria Joseph Bakasoro was a key-note speaker at the BCA USA conference in Rochester MN USA. In his address to the Balanda community he asserted on the importance of unity among the Balanda people in particular and the people of South Sudan at large.

Documentation - Importance and Its Benefits

it serves as a historical reference for the future generations and a way to transfer and pass on knowledge and skills. The Balanda Community believes that keeping records of it events is vital to the survival of Balanda as a nation. Paul Ufu has been very instrumental in making sure all BCA USA events are well captured. His talent is a blessing to this great community.

Remembering the souls of the fallen victims of December 2012 and celebrating the life prematurely taken. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

The role of the mothers in the community is vital. As William Ross Wallace said they are actually given an opportunity and a privilege by God to be His partner in giving life to another human being.

Uncle Lino one of the community elders and the chairperson of BCA USA Board.

The future of the Balanda community has never been brighter.

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