Thailand by lauren mckay

Would you like a relaxing holiday on a tropical island. I would recommend this holiday and hotel for you. Your flight for 1 adult and 1 child between the ages 2-11 it will cost you $600 and you are only 20 feet away from the beach.

If you are in a situation like me where you have a family of 4 it would cost about $4,480 including accommodation.

You will be staying at the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort. It is a fabulous place to stay, you have shops on the street.

So you don't need the kids splashing in your face when you are trying to relax? There are 12 pools around the area of the hotel 6 of the pools are for kids and the other 6 are for the adults.

It will take you 44 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel via private transport. Your flight will leave at 9:40pm and will arrive at 7:20am the bus will be there when you get off your flight. The time difference is 4 hours behind of Sydney so the time will be 7:20am when you get off the plane you will arrive at the hotel at 8:04am.

The hotel will provide your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the buffet. you have the option to have the buffet or you can go out on the streets and have some lunch or dinner.

You are probably wondering what activities you can do here are some you can do not only are they relaxing but there is a whole another world to explore.

You can catch a boat to Maya Bay and go snorkeling at Bamboo island. If you want to get your own way around you can hire a motorbike to ride around Thailand for a coupe of days. You can catch a what Australian's call it "Uber" but the thailand people call it a"Songthewa".


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