The K.K.S Made by kaiden scrim, kitty colton, and sam himel

This is the start of our machine, the car starts rolling from the top.
After the car rolls down the rulers it goes onto a path that will lead to the dominos.


The device contained the materials of many things such as a water bottle, 3 rulers, a binder, whiteboard erasers, dominos. An eight ball, a toy car, wood, a paper towel tube, paper, and a stapler. What first happened was the toy car went down the three rulers onto the whiteboard erasers. We used the whiteboard erasers a track for the car to follow. After the track, the car hit dominos. The dominos hit an 8 ball which went down a piece of wood we used as a ramp. The ramp led into the tube, and then the ball went down the tube and hit the stapler that stapled the piece of paper. Throughout the whole machine there were binders guarding the tracks the ball had to follow so that it wouldn’t fall of the track.

Once the car hits the dominos the dominos will then have a chain reaction and knock into the pool ball and cause it to start rolling.
As the pool ball continues to roll the binders keep it from going off to the side.
Then the pool ball rolls through a tube and lands on a stapler which staples two pieces of paper on impact.


In our group we divided our process very easily. We had everyone bring in an equal amount of supplies. Also we all had different tasks. We all helped put the machine together, and all came up with many ideas. We split up the machine parts and tried our best to figure out how each machine part worked. After trying to figure it out on our own for a little we all used the ideas we had and together made a working device.



A few glows of our machine was that we had the idea to put binders as walls around our machine. Without the binders the car or ball would have definitely fallen off the path. Another glow of our machine was wooden ramp we used. The wooden ramp gave the ball more speed because it was going down so it made it really hard to not staple the paper because of how much speed it had coming down. One grow we had was that our 8 ball was really heavy and sometimes the domino's didn’t have enough speed to make the 8 ball work.


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