Henry Ford A RevolutionarY ENgineer

Henry Ford, impacting the automobile industry like no other. He was an engineer that created a machines that revolutionized America. Henry Ford made the first car that was affordable by my most Americans. This car was the model T an affordable reliable car. Therefore the demand for them was overwhelming so Ford had to make a method of mass production. So he introduced his method of mass production, the assembly line. The assembly line was a moving tread that went workstation to workstation where parts added in sequence. Ford got this innovating idea from the production methods used by flour mills, breweries and, industrial bakeries. Furthermore, this new invention helped turned the time of building a car from twelve hours to two hours and thirty minutes, changing America again.

Along with many accomplishments, Ford had to start somewhere. Henry grew up on a prosperous farm in Dearborn, Michigan. He had two brothers and two sisters. Later he left home at sixteen and went to Detroit. Where he went Detroit Business Institute and became an apprentice as a machinist. In addition he returned to Dearborn and worked on the family farm after three years. Still he continued to operate and service steam engines. In 1888 , he married Clara Bryant, who grown up on a nearby farm. In any case that was the early life of Henry Ford.

Although Henry Ford had some amazing accomplishments, like all he had struggles along the way. Henry hit bumps along the road when he tried to sell the Quadricycle. But Ford couldn’t get his product fine tuned enough to sell. But he could not perfect it in a year and a half of tinkering but still had nothing to show. Soon, the board of directors dissolved and the company disbanded. Even so in the automotive industry, second chances were rare. But after reflecting on his failure, Ford contacted Murphy (who was a stockholder in the Detroit Automotive Company) and offered new ideas and solutions to the past problems. Murphy gave him a second chance but with conditions. In any event he struggled but made it through.

Henry Ford's assembly line.
Henry Ford with the revolutionary Model T.
The Quadricycle that Ford failed twice trying to fine tune it enough to sell.

Fun facts

  • Ford got an interest in mechanics by taking apart a pocket watch
  • The Model T became known as the "Tin Lizzie"
  • The first colors of the Model T car was grey, green, red, and blue
  • The Model T achieved a top speed of forty toforty five miles per hour
  • The Model T was made in nine different body styles

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