Eric's Experience With Art!

My name is Eric DeLaCruz, and I'm a junior at Zeeland West High School. When I joined art, I was kinda nervous because I joined art in middle school and I was pretty bad at it. But this was my first year of art in high school. I'm going to college to be a dance cheograpier because I love dancing so much even though I been dancing for 2 years. My thoughts about this class is that everyone is very nice here and I enjoyed having them as classmates. I hope I can continue art for a while. Something I learn during this semester, is you always have to take time with your art work and try making it into beauty.

For this drawing, I used my imagination and I softly drew while I imagine.

I did really good with the the lines because there so accurate. But I pretty much drew my horse like he/she is pregnant. I even use shapes to draw the horse belly.

I pretty much shaded the left side but blended the other side. I felt like the form for this was great.

I use lines to keep it accurate as possible but it didn't turn out great.

This beauty of my hand I drew, was blended and it had texture.

For this drawing, i use blending for the hair, I drew a shape for the nose and the face.

In this drawing I did stippling and the value of the shape.

In this drawing I use blending as a technique, as well as lining the cup up to have it accurate as possible.

All I did for this drawing was just scratching around the board by making a egg shape.then I started to add texture and started to just keep going wine fur.

I just started to use a ruler and just added lines. The I started making some shapes like rectangles in front and side. I even use horizon lines too.

The first one started with wasn't my best but I just started with the head and just drew the eyes, mouth, teeth, and nose. But the 2nd drawing, I pretty much did shading and blending.

For this drawing, it started with oil petals and I use coloring for this. I use shape for the apples and probably the bottle too.

So the challenges that was cool for me was the portrait drawing because I didn't know I could draw myself or anyone else. Another challenges that was troubling for me was the scratch board and the side portrait but it was fun doing it.


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