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Ogunquit, Maine & Newer Portsmouth Bridge
  • This is a rough draft but it’s a sample Ive begun this story over a thousand times, whether in attempts to document what happened or as it runs through my mind, in spurts and bits, pieces unwanted, crowding out any ability for productive thought or non reactive behavior. But these pieces are there to form a whole, one I had to swallow. One that changed the course of my life forever. But isn’t that what life is. A stream of events, over which we do or don’t have control, which come in part to shape our life, or is it instead what we make of them. How we interpret what happens to us.Others reactions. How we are conditioned. If we are taught self love, we learn to interpret others deficiencies as our own, allowing the unconscious projections are inevitable in the face of open . If we learn to self loathe, we absorb the defects of others without any sense that it is not ours to own. It is many things. Those which come to form what we call life. . And genetics •. Perhaps it is all three. Or perhaps it is all the will of God. For me to see it differently at this point would put me nowhere other than wanting things to be how they were and I? The way I Had been. But that can’t be expected according to my neurologist who says the damage is extensive. What led to that and what happened After happens over a span of eight years and sounds like some Hollywood plot. I have learned of best to tell no one. Until this blog. To continie reading please see link... I have only Just started though I’ve started many times as I said over the last years; just get stuck on a traumatic part and CANT SEEM TOGET OUT. then it’s too much and next time? I end up starting from scratch. That has gone on for years. This is a new ‘tactic’, I’d you will. Thank you. Julie Assmus
Portsmouth Bridge

Ad lib: so much to know so little to know all there is with the senses alome. Einstein himself first proposed we only sense 3% of reality with the senses, sight , the eyes, whom we hear, the scent of the flesh and the rose. We know. But we yet we truly know nothing more than 3% of the reality revealed by the means society has mandated. Our human senses alone, lulling ya into a mindlessness so we forget every past future and generation has forged paths unforeseen due to the use of what the giver emend has ensured they demonize and schedule. I do not speak of ‘drugs’ alone, but the stuff of the earth which allowed the very first civilians on this earth to devote their entire energies and resources into building the pyramids, structures in worship of Gods before religion was even a concept, let alone a structure set by Catholicism, its primary instructional purpose being in controlling the masses by means of fear. Doesn’t sound too spiritual to me, nor in the vein of a Christ we cite from the Bible in both Catholicism and many other religions as well, each their lan dams. Too many to be right thereby ensuring they are all ‘wrong’. There is no use in picking when that energy could be devoted to true worship of Christ and Allah, God, whatever you’d like to call it. It’s your gig, not only you walk it. Don’t condemn others for playing by the same rules as you, just having picked a different hand, or more likely been dealt the one they are now in practice of. A condition of their life. As their live it, just like me. Just like you. Being taken on different paths as tangents doesn’t change the fact that on a molecular level we are, fact backed by extensive scientific proof, 99.9% biologically the same.

Mystic Illumination

My New England Profressional Photography Webpage (one of them) : ever work in progress

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There are quite a few who have used my photos. So I am trying to be careful and watermark all of them

Lucy in the Sky

Quick BIO; I Am as You, You are as me, though we may have lived differences stories. We are the same, save the projections we disown within ourselves, giving us the illusion of difference, but what i an see in you , is in me. Whether i like you or not. So the more i like people, the more i like me. The more indifferent i am towards them, the more i am numb, caught up in a past i cant seem to speak much of. Without being judged, feeling more alone. So i am alone but no more alone with those who have stories you feel you can not share perhaps because they make you feel different, wont be believed, or that others just dont care. No matter, do not judge a person based on what chapter of their life you walked in on. Unless youve known someone from their birth and walked within the intimacies of all their stories, created from context of their life, imagery and their own imagination, you know nothing other than your own projections based on whatever needs and desires you may have, whether they are conscious or not. And when we are quick to dismiss or idealize, that only means we see what we would rather not or would like to be. To see others clearly, we need not look out but in. To only look outwards and never in , is to live in delusion, distraction and is, in my opinion, the easy way out. A life on automatic pilot flown by societal dictates and judgements of others in accordance along the way, not realizing that there is little importance in ‘accomplishments’ as outside this country and it’s dictates, it may well not even be seen as such. To live in accordance only with the dictates of society and judge others according is disingenuous and the other is lost in whatever they believe themselves to be; the person disguised in something other than Them. They have lost themselces to an idealism where accomplishments matter more than their effect on others. But in the end, it matters only whom we affect for the better. That is why i feel the need make the distinction between their delusion and reality clear. Otherwise I’ll lose myself too.

Between Heaven and Earth

Ive won a few awards on many of the photography sites though honestly, i do not believe any award is truly of value unless given in a more ‘Real’ context such as by an actual magazine or gallery, I have been featured in Portsmouth Magazine. I will post the link below. If it doesn’t take you automatically to photos, scroll down to the Photo Contest, click there and i should be the first couple photos down

A little bit of variation
All Photos were taken and edited by myself over the last few years; I did some black and white street photography for around a year
Street photography Work
The original and the edited
Another example
Taken with an iPhone prior to having an iPhone

This Page Is an Ongoing Work in Progress and Likely Willl be For some Time. At least a few times a week, this link is updated and different photos are exchanged for previous ones. I want the ones of highest quality but there are still so many to go through...please bear with me as I get this Site in ORDER, Thank you. Regards, Julie Assmus


I have noted that there have been other sites that have my photos for sale. That is why i am so protective and watermark them. I do not know exactly how to protect them but i know my photos are all i have right now due to my disabilities together with other extraneous circumstances. Please understnad. These photos took a lot of effort and arent to be stolen. Julie Assmus

First Grid

Everyone has a story . Has lived what they have lived. I have had a blessed and wonderful life one that would not at all prepare me for what was coming. What i should have, or rather, was meant to, become prepared for. Perhaps we Do have seven lifetimes to get it right. What right? To be the kindest and most humble sheep we can be. That doesn’t mean to follow the herd but rather in this world, it would mean the opposite. To follow your true nature and intuition as oppose to gain bias and judgement by means of news broadcast, anything that you do not see or witness yourself. If you do not, don’t believe or hold skeptical though we have been rboiggihjly conditioned to not question our news. We should question it and never watch it. Government owned. They themselves jusy ohppets to the 1% wealthiest. I realized after and during what i experienced, most of such aired crap was 90% bullshit. That which would take us from whay was happening airbon our own country by focusing on the impoverishmemts and destruction of others Distraction from what was really happening within out country, small enough a matter so as not to be noted. But a matter which, in a world without faith, will spread as fast as communism, their new leader no God but a man who is the antithesis of. If it were any different, than what happened to me, what is happening to millions and millions before me, would not be. And whay happens, most often untold, shows the forecast alleged country of the ‘free’ is anything but sunny.

What life had handed me prior to 2011, however, in no way prepared me for what did happen but that was for a reason. Those worst fears we can’t imagine or have never thought of rarely happens...perhaps that’s why it never Fully did all come to fruition, because i couldnt imagine any such outcome. What you never imagine, what has never consciously ever thought of, will not come to fruition. Energy attracts like and what we can not conceive or can not believe, as in my instance, i had no idea what was happening to Know What to believe, it will Be the way you will it to be. At least for me. I have an story i feel victim to and those who see clearly. See the same way though I prefer not to and remind myself whay matters ar the end of life is not what we accomplish that matters but whom we’ve added fed for the better. But I was in circumstances in which my freedom and my life has been spared and that is what i am grateful for in face of the fact that 95& of victims of what i was a victim of, do not make it through. I do not credit myself, but some grace greater than myself at those times unexpected (yet I was always and still am hyper vigilant) there were certain entrapments and ‘accidents’ which should have caused a loss of my freedom or directly my death. They were not taken. Repeatedly they should have been by the fact, and by every other way those whom wished for my disappearance had not only wished for but planned and been sure would be carried out effectively. This happens when state and federal entities are responsible for human right violations, grievous ones that would end their jobs and possibly land them in jail. We all know no official lands in prison. And there are many reasons for that. One of which is to incriminate the one whom they were 100% wrong about to absolve themselves of their original felonious behavior. And when their entrapments thereafter to incriminate me repeatedly fail? Those which if had me on a felony drug charge would allow them to get me intent to distribute what I hadn’t intended to even purchase to begin with. They had nothing when they came at me. No EVIDENCE< No judges signature, Not a WARRENT. Nothing and took me away for eleven days anyway, cuffed, shackled. I hadn’t committed any offense and hadn’t any idea why they were there. When they found nothing, then they were guilty of IMMENSE human rights violations and the police had chosen to collarbone so i was a HUGE liability in face of being 100%innocent. And they knew it. As their entrapments repeatedly failed, more then invariably become involved, you become an even greater liability and you (as in one or I) are even in further danger. It is as though my job for the past seven years my job has been 24/7, no credit, instead the complete opposite and has only gotten harder the more i am able to I get through whatever entrapment was planned, as then? More officials become involved and invested in my becoming incriminated so i am not a liability to them either. EACH STATE PROSECUTOR has been THREATENED by the state even tho the charges on my record can EASILY BE PROVEN TO BE FALSE with the original records as oppose to the ones they manipulated. I have all the originals. I always will. Someone will always have access and will release if anything happens to me. All was quiet for two years then suddenly the police have made sudden appearances in my life for reasons that have no backing Whatsoever, It is harassing and i am writing in to the DOJ explaining the situation. Last night, for example, i was pulled over one mile from my home and searched for no reason, person, car and all, he said it smelled like MJ. I have a decimal Card and i never even smoke it. IT is no coincidence that this starts up months before the official annulment; the one that would allow me to be credible so that my complaints would be taken serious; well, then i will have my attorney instead be my voice if it continues to be taken). But this is not the series and already I am headed....IN. So I best stop here (all I write will be directly linked to links of the origin al reports prior to their manipulations)

Need to waternark

What happened changed my life, direction of it and increased my faith. I surrendered all anger every interaction with officials, no hint of animosity so that they not once could get one thing on me (perhaps wh they had to arrest me in my own home for a crime impossible to be arrested in your home by, let alone when the alleged plaintiff filed the order on the neighbors specifying their names (yes, I have a copy of that).

Need to watermark

Ive begun to create a series in which i am asked direct questions about the events and five tactical answers bac by actual evidence, whether a file, MRI, expert witness or other. There will he links to back up my truth. A truth stranger than fiction that either overwhelms the person who hears of it, or is simply been disbelieved entirely. It’s easier that way. Well this made no sense to me but I was subjected to it anyhow. And it was as real as the consequences, my now physically and ij all other ways handicapped, the staye having made it impossible for me to have any short or change at a normal life. Why? To cover their ongoing indiscretions, illegalities and outright human rights violations. I was blacklisted medically, so the damage they knew their negligence has caused wasjt foimd. And when it was? Seven years later? They began acting against me once again. Due to the fact that now I have evidence and could easily file suit against innumerable establishments, profressionals, official and legal entities. In a heart beat. But not if my record indicates I’m of sordid character. Which is exactly what the officials promptly set out to ensure. So that I would he discredited and any annulment wouldn’t happen or as my attorney said the prosecutor like would be made ‘uncomfortable’ by state officials. Stay times for a link to The Series. Coming soon; in Parts.


More Links to my other webpages will be placed here; including Part I, Interrogation Series

Ogunquit, Maine

In the infancy of my photography ‘career’, the did a lot of experimentation with color prints and various editing apps. Here are some of the results. I have yet to return to that lost ‘art’. Perhaps it will prove more ‘popular’ than the landscape black and whites. One can never know for sure.

COLOR section extended; from way back when ....i have hundreds more; along with my black and white collection. What you see on this page is about 1/1000 of the material i have.

I can do Any color variation or design by photo. Even if it is drawn out. I will recreate it.
All photography for sale. Please see my site for more info. https://new-england-profressional-phdotography.business.site

I take photos when I became disabled in 2011. I’m first shot cloud and landscapes then moved onto more architectural type photography. Living in the Portsmouth area has been wonderful to me and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else than this part of the country that I am eager to capture as best I can. And I would love to share it with you. I have just begun this site today, August 24th, 2018 . So bear with me. I might make it a blog and photography site. Who knows. We will see.


Please enjoy the slide show below. An assortment of my photography

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