MBriefs Byte Sized Benefits | October 2019 Edition

It’s all about perspective. Some look at smart phones as the tool that will destroy society – others view it as a self-service tool for detecting cancer. One person’s perceived employee benefit is a stress-accelerator for another. It’s all about your perspective.

McGohan Brabender’s Strategy & Innovation Department loves looking at everything we do from several different perspectives. This is the only way we can arrive at the BEST solution…not just the EASY solution. It’s not always simple, clean or easy – but then again, neither is cleaning my teenagers’ bathroom. In the end, though, we get the best possible outcome for our clients…and a clean bathroom – BOTH WINS!

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

Bilirubin! Billy-who? BiliShield!

Bilirubin is a fancy word for yellow stuff in the liver, and if there is too much of it, it's bad. Having elevated levels of bilirubin can be a sign of pancreatic cancer or liver damage. A very common and obvious symptom is for the white of one’s eyes to turn yellow. Once that is evident, it's usually too late to get a jump on battling pancreatic cancer. The ball is in motion, and this ugly cancer ball is hard to stop. It sure would be nice to have a convenient way to detect it sooner…but wait, there’s an app for that!

BiliShield: This app requires glasses or a vision box to regulate the light of the eyes. You take a selfie, and the app will calculate your bilirubin level. On the bilirubin scale of milligrams per deciliter, anything higher than 1.2 mg/dL is considered high and would justify more testing.

It just seems silly not to take the simple test. Silly bili.

Hey Boss... I Don't Chill That Way

Are your employees happy? Is your wellness plan attractive to those who really need it? If you think about it, it is usually the gym members, the bike riders, the yoga gurus who participate in the wellness activities. Have you considered maybe all the physical activity isn’t what makes your work force happy? It is possible, your wellness plan could be causing more stress. You may think about putting some non-traditional well-being practices into motion. Here are just ten… bet you and your employees could come up with dozens more.

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

Everyone loves to get mail, RIGHT?! Unless it's an invoice from your doctor’s office or the insurance company! We understand that it's very confusing -- and that's why we are sharing some tips on how to keep it all straight. Take a look at these hints from our very own superheros, our MB Advocate team!

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

“I deserve this!” But… do you really? MB friend and Leadership Coach, Kristi Dinsmore returns to Side Affects to discuss with podcast Producer, Kenzie Fell and MB CEO, Scott McGohan, a very popular and concerning subject regarding the entitlement some individuals use to gain position, power and reward. Kristi shares how organizations cannot just attach this to millennials because we are seeing this everywhere and with each generation. Listen to these great tips on how to approach and hopefully eliminate the entitlement epidemic.

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

Our 2019 Learning Center season has come to an end…. we look forward to seeing you again in the spring. If you would please, take a moment and give us your feedback.

What did you like about this year’s season, what, if anything, would you change, and what would you like to see next year??

For those who did not attend any of the learning centers, what do we need to present to get you in here?

Thank you for your attendance!

To Post or Not to Post?

Hello HR Execs, it’s finally time for you to join the social media revolution. Embrace social media and use the tools that your employees will understand and accept. With the straight-forward tips listed below, you are one step closer to trending all the way home.

To Post or Not to Post?

Tip #1

With social media basically taking over the world, sometimes it's nice to get a reminder about what is appropriate to share. So here are some guidelines you want to follow on your personal and professional social media platforms.

Restrain from sharing your personal travel plans -- wait to share your locations and photos until your home!


Safety, of course! Criminals monitor social media to see when you’re away from home, so that they can burglarize your house or scam you or your family and friends.

Tip #2

Do not post negative comments about others -- even if you delete it, it can be found. (Hello, screenshotting!)


You should always be on your best behavior behind the keyboard. Celebrities and athletes are the perfect examples of how past posts on social media haunt them. Remember the golden rule before you type -- treat others the way you want to be treated.

Tip #3

Avoid over-sharing.


You might not think you are over-sharing -- but especially when you're feeling emotional, trying to resolve a conflict or you're just plain bored -- pause before posting. Do you really need to share that? Would it be better if you direct messaged someone instead? What about talking to them face to face? What about your future -- will this affect your career path? What would you say if your family member posted this instead?

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

Robotic Retriever

It’s a duck, no it’s a swan… A life-saving swan! It’s a 3.2mm ingestible origami device able to travel a digestive tract with external magnetic controls to capture foreign objects, repair a wound, or even deliver medication to a specific location- to be exact.

Pretty cool, huh? Do we really need this?

Statistics alone show that over 3,500 people a year swallow a battery. Seriously. If a battery is lodged in the digestive tract, and not passed, it can corrode, deteriorate and literally make a bigger mess. Scientists have compared this invasion to the idea of pacemakers and other implants. The origami robot is safer because it is temporary. This too shall pass. It is created in a bio material; dried pig skin to be exact. Not sure if there is a vegan option available at this time, but good fortune could be on your side.

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McGohan Brabender