Encino Man By Kai francom

Ordinary Word

Dave and Stoney

Dave Morgan and his friend, Stoney Brown, are living in their ordinary life at Encino High School. Dave is trying to dig a pool before Prom so he can have a huge party at his house after. But the problem is that they don't have many friends and are considered geeks.

Call To Adventure

Dave looking through ice

As there digging the pool, an earthquake causes a chunk of ice to come out of the dirt. Inside Dave sees a caveman and believed it could give them fame and popularity and maybe the girl he liked, Robyn. So they pulled the caveman out and started to thaw it in their shed.

Refusal of The Call

Dave and Stoney figured that it would take a while to thaw so they went to school to buy some time but when they came back he had awoken and left he shed. Without him they wouldn't get popular. Eventually they found him and they decided to name him link. They fixed him up and gave him cloths.

Link is the top left

Meeting the Mentor

Stoney in a way is the wise mentor because he prepared Link by teaching him how to fight, and he prepared Dave for his journey by telling him to be Link's friend.

Crossing The First Threshold

Dave and Stoney are crossing the Threshold by going to High School with Link because they don't know if people will like him or think he's weird him.

Tests, Allies, Enemies

First Test.

While at a hockey match Dave starts to talk to Robyn, which gets Matt mad and ends up with Matt punching Link.

Second Test.

Somehow link gets into the class Drivers Aid. Link gets a car and drives crazy with Dave, Stoney, and Robyn.

Third Test.

Link ends up driving all of them to a bar where Stoney becomes wild and Link and Dave get caught by the cops


Dave asked Robyn to go to prom with him since her and matt broke up, but she said no and went with Link


Part 1

Dave feels like Link took Robyn. So he drove him far away and had plans to abandon him on the side of the road. Luckily Stoney came by and stopped him. Dave got made and starts fighting Stoney. They Eventually break it up.

Part 2

Prom Party

After when Link goes to the prom with Robyn but Matt crashes the party and tells everybody Link is a Caveman.


Instead of being mad everybody cheers at Link. Now remembering his fighting lessons Stoney and Dave gave him, link threw Matt of the stage into a big cake.

The Road Back

Link, Dave and Stoney started to dance to a song that came on. This is hard for the Hero because Dave didn't like to dance but he had to do it to complete the journey. Soon everybody joined in


Now with the wisdom and courage he got from his journey, he got the guts to have the party at his house.

Return with Elixir

Dave ends up kissing Robyn. Link finds weird caveman drawing around Dave's house, after looking for a little bit with Stoney they found his cave wife. Then it ends happily ever after.


Hero- Dave Morgan

Shadow- Matt Wilson

Herald- Link, because without him calling Dave to adventure, he would never have a hero's journey in the first place

Shapeshifter- Robyn, because at first she didn't like Dave and by the end she did.

Tricksters- Link and Stoney because they are super goofy and are very odd

Threshold Guardian- I think Matt Wilson is the threshold guardian too because he wont let Dave get the elixir (which is Robyn)

Allies- Defiantly Stoney and Link are allies

Mentor- Stoney would be a mentor to Dave when he wants link for popularity but Stoney said that they should just be friends with him.


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