Our story explores the effect of the potential mass extinction independent music venues are facing and their fight to keep the historic stages we know and love - as told through interviews by venue owners, long-time staff, superfans, local politicians, and the legendary musicians who helped shape the history of these venues with interviews and content from March of 2021 through present day.


Key Art

From Rising Tides Creative and Taylor Morden's Pop Motion Pictures, the Producer/Director behind the recent Netflix Hit #1 Documentary The Last Blockbuster, comes One Year Dark, a docu-series exploring the struggle legendary independent music venues are facing due to the current pandemic and the overlooked consequences that take place if they are no longer around.

Production began in March of 2021 with interviews at venues in San Diego and Los Angeles, and a second wave of filming in early May of 2021 going up the coast of California from Monterey and Santa Cruz through the Bay Area and Sacramento, filming 25 venues from 8 cities and interviewing over 75+ people connected to the live entertainment industry. Production is still continuing and expanding cities as venues start opening their doors for the first time in over a year and are equally presented with setbacks and second closures.


There is an entire ecosystem that is at stake when one of these rooms turns its lights off for a final time. From giving the next big artist their first shot at the mic and audience members having a life-changing night out, to supporting the local economy and reviving an entire community, these independent venues provide an infrastructure that often goes overlooked. One Year Dark offers a unique look inside one of live music's darkest times with access and exclusive footage to some of the most famous venues across the country.

the story continues...

While venues are slowly re-opening, there is still an admitted uncertainty that they are truly on the other side of this darkness. Cancellations of returning shows have even taken place due to COVID-19 striking again and venues are closing their doors for a second time. As if their pre-pandemic grind wasn't hard enough, venues are now presented with more issues to face due to being one year dark, such as a critical lack of financial help, a new era of debt, staff shortages, safety concerns for guests, and more.

First show back @ The Belly Up (Solana Beach, CA)

expanding the scope

Being 100% self-funded we are somewhat restricted in our project scope, but this series would ideally expand at least Nationwide soon, finding the venues with the most compelling stories/histories in a variety of geographical locations across the country to paint a complete picture of where the independent music venue industry is currently at. Possible areas include Austin, Nashville, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, and more. The story could also expand into other sides of the entertainment industry, such as Comedy or the Performing Arts.

First show back @ The Music Box (San Diego, CA)


For more information on One Year Dark please email: contact@risingtidescreative.com

Hanging up the One Year Dark marquee @ Thee Parkside (San Fransico, CA)