Team Game By: Nick Eliopoulos

A very sunny and warm summer day at an middle school in San Diego, California surrounded by tall palm trees and busy streets. There is a 13 year old boy named Tony and his dad John. Tony loves and appreciates his dad very much. Tony likes to spend his time outside playing in the sun, going to the beach and spending time with his family but most of all playing basketball.

There was one problem though His team would be 4-0 but today was different they were playing the number 2 ranked team in the state and since they only had 7 guys today this would be a challenge. Tony would be the leader of his team he is the best and would get his teammates involved every game. Tony's team was very competitive and wanted to win all the time.

There first game was a blowout. The second game was closer than the first but they won with ease. The third game came down to the final seconds when Tony ended up winning the game for his team. The fourth game was the closets going into overtime and winning by a sliver. Tony was motivated to win this game because he was up for a challenge and he wanted to show everyone what his team was made of. Also the winner of this game was also given a better spot to qualify for a tournament with a prize being $50,000.

The game was a day away and Tony was sitting through this classes thinking about this game not really paying attention to his work because he was excited and also a bit nervous because this team was so good. Tony finished school at 3:00 so he got his stuff and walked home. He had finished his homework in class so he shot baskets in his driveway. He played basketball until it was time for dinner.

“Tony dinner is on the table” shouted his dad from the front door.“Tony dinner is on the table” shouted his dad from the front door.

Tony ate a bunch of mashed potatoes, pork and carrots. After dinner Tony went upstairs to get ready for bead. Brushed his teeth, washed his face and got to bed. He woke up and got ready for school and he was off. School was boring for him and after school he rushed home and his dad took him to his game.

He got there and started warming up. The other team had a bunch of tall players and soon the game started. Tony thought how are we ever going to win this game. The other guys were big as elephants. There coach said “take the ball inside and keep them on the perimeter.”

The other team got out to a quick 10-4 lead. But Tony had none of it and scored 2 consecutive baskets making it 10-8. The other team was quick, running fast and scoring quick Tony had a hard time scoring soon the first half was over. Tony’s team was losing 46-33.

After half time Tony's team came out to score 4 more baskets stopping the other team’s offense every time making the score 46-41. Tony accidentally fouled on of there guys really hard, he helped him up.Soon the final minutes came down to whoever won the game. It was 82-80 with 7 seconds left. Tony brought the ball down quickly passed it to his teammate then Tony ran to the corner hitting a 3 at the buzzer. Tony's team had won.

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