S. Hilliard One Point Perspective Project

Cityscape#1 shows some of the elements of design such as line, shape, and form. It shows principle of design by rhythm and movement.
This cityscape shows movement and rhythm, by the use of lines, shapes, and form. This is successful, although it is not colored.

1. What did you know about Impressionist painters and Pointillism before this assignment?

I did not know much about Impressionist or Pointillism before this assignment. I knew that Pointillism involved using dots to create art but that’s it.

2. What is one technique you learned during this assignment? What is it's function?

During this assignment, i learned how to use perspective to make a piece of art have more depth.

3. What is Pointillism? How did you create the Impressionist technique in your Fantasy Building project?

Pointillism is the use of tiny dots in many colors, which blends to the viewer's eye. I used the Impressionist technique to not just color in my drawing.

4. What were the Impressionist painters accomplishing by using Pointillism?

I believe Impressionist painters were trying to accomplish the unordinary. They do not just recreate the things seen in reality, they use different techniques express it.

5. Find your favorite Impressionist painting and post it on your page with the Artist's name, The title of the work, The year the work was created.

6. Describe: Who is this painting by? What were they hoping to accomplish by creating this work? Visually describe what you see in this work (subject matter, etc.)

8. Analysis: Using the elements of art and principles of design, describe this work.

9. This is the part of the paper where you go beyond description and offer a conclusion and your own informed opinion about the work. Any statements you make about the work should be based on the analysis in above. In this section, discuss how and why the key elements and principles of art used by the artist create meaning. Support your discussion of content with facts about the work.

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. In this work I can see a village, and mountains, and the moon. With his choice of colors, I believe Van Gogh was trying to express the way he was feeling in his life. This piece of art shows movement, and values. It also shows rhythm and texture.

The use of movement and rhythm create a feel of sadness. The colors create a sense of depression. I believe that Van Gogh did not live happily, and this piece of art shows that.

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