1920's returning to normalcy By; kensley pontalion

I believe that the 1920's were about not returning to normalcy.


"The object of the deportations and of the anti-anarchist law is to stifle the voice of the people to muzzle every aspiration of labor. That is the real and terrible menace of these proceedings. Their goal is to exile and banish every one who does not agree with the lies that our leaders of industry continue to spread." Document B; Emma Goldman Deportation Statement

What Emma is trying to say is that they shouldn't just kick people out of the country when they are actually helping America. Hard working immagrants that are trying to help their families get a better life are getting kicked out like they are nothing compared to people who are lazy and don't do anything in America.


Prohibition was where there was no sell in anytime of alcohol. They even adopted it in the 18th amendment and made it illegal. A lot of people were very upset by this. " Alcohol hurts the tone of

"Alcohol poisons and kills; abstinence and prohibition saves loves and safe guard health." Document A; Prohibition and Health

People were drinking so much alcohol it was hurting them, bad. They had to put a stop to it and make people not want to drink as much. They were definilty mad at first but they calmed down.

Women Suffrage

" The entire execution of the law could be in hands of men, backed up by irresponsible voters (women) who could not lift a finger to catch or punish a criminal."

None of them believed that women could have any rights. They all thought women couldn't do anything besides "work in the kitchen" They all said no woman can do what a man does. They believe that woman had no navigation or that they couldn't work a train, etc.

Even though a lot of people disagreed with this time. They made a lot of progress and changed a lot of stuff during the 1920's. What this picture is saying is that they were making history during this time and they were on top of everything.

I believe that that the 1920s were not a return to normalcy. I believe that is was a time of change and a lot of stuff did change.


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