Burn It Down By David Rovics

The Commons

2007 | Folk

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"Now if you just sang that chorus then you just broke the law. -- To be an eco-terrorist now you just gotta flap your jaw. -- And hey who knows by the time you have a chance to blink. -- Whether you're a criminal might depend on what you think."


  • David Rovics was born in New York City, and raised in Wilton, Connecticut to classical musicians/educator parents.
  • The Commons was recorded live at Club Passim in Cambridge Massachusettes.
  • Rovics has made all of his recorded music freely available as downloadable mp3 files and encourages the free distribution of his work by all non-profit means to promote his work and spread political messages. He speaks out against websites or programs like iTunes that charge money for downloading his songs. He also advocates the performance of his songs at protests and demonstrations making sheet music and lyrics available for download.


Luke Tatum

Well, this is fun. Quite cheery for the subject matter, and it should be apparent by now how much I enjoy juxtaposition like this! This song slips and slides down the slippery slope of problematic speech. "And hey, who knows, by the time you have a chance to blink; Whether you're a criminal might depend on what you think." There is a lot of validity to this line of thinking. I'm not sure it's even debatable that the trend in recent years is to silence dissent, control thoughts, control public discourse, and push that envelope as far as it will bend. I'm not even remotely familiar with Rod Coronado, on whom this song seems to focus, but I do know that "free speech" means nothing if it doesn't protect people you disagree with.

Sherry Voluntary

“Now if you just sang that chorus then you just broke the law. To be an eco-terrorist now you just gotta flap your jaw.”

This bright happy song discusses some really nasty business. The State and its practice of shutting down dissent. Sometimes they have to put up with it because to go after someone or some group would be too obvious and they have to keep up the appearance that they care about the laws they’ve made to trap us. Really, they are always looking for a way to stop those who would say or do anything that threatens State power. If you make enough noise and get on their radar, then they will have you and all of the laws in the world won’t save you from them. Just ask Ross Ulbricht, Julienne Assange, or Shaeffer Cox. That is part of the reason that States, all of them, are inherently evil. They make the laws, control the courts, employ violent thugs to do their bidding, and can change laws at their whim. You can’t just plug in a bunch of libertarians and have a “good State,” that would be like having good cancer. "

Nicky P

Oh those crazy leftist anarchists. So close and yet so far away. I dig this song and as someone with an interest in the environment the eco-terrorist line interested me too. Am I listed as one in some computer somewhere? I assume. Isn't that what happens with anyone who's read Chomsky? Jokes aside. I think what's truly telling about this song is the candor in which it's delivered. Sometimes the only way to keep your sanity when you percieve the world falling down around you is to laugh. Laugh at the horrible. Laugh at the unfortunate. Laugh because it's the only way to stave off the acceptance of the truth: eventually your time could come.

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Nicky P

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