Daily Five Word Work

Hello All! My name is Mr. Stai and I teach 3rd Grade.

Above I have attached a video of what Word Work might look like in my classroom. Word work is a great way for students to experiment with different spelling patterns, new words, and memorization of high-frequency words. In the video above I talk about what word work is and how it is used in my classroom.

I have gained my knowledge from a book that I use in my classroom, The Daily Five, by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser. On page 118 Boushey and Moser note that different materials to use in the classroom for word work can include but are not limited to: Whiteboards, magnetic letters, clay, letter stamps, shells, technology, and colored markers (p.118). They also note that practicing word work will improve a student's writing, fluency, and reading (p.118). I noted in my video that word work should last no longer than ten minutes, Boushey and Moser say this is because their stamina is not quite built up yet and their learning focus moves to play focus after ten minutes (p.120). Students work on word work and therefore play with different words, patterns, word families, prefixes, suffixes, eat, in return increase their reading and writing skills (p. 118).

The Daily Five is the best way to Literacy independence at a young age. There is a lot of trust that goes into the Daily five from both angles, teacher and student. The goal of Daily five is to build upon each student's stamina and independence in each of the five tasks (p.11). When you look at the Daily Five outline it covers whole group, small group, and Independence. Why look any further? What other instruction can cover all three areas in one lesson? I would guess not many. I have just covered one of the five tasks, Word work, and I will be posting more videos in the future of your child's work in the Daily Five Instruction.

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