Solar Power Airplane The new solar power airplane!

Did you know that not all airplanes need fuel to fly? All airplanes work basically the same way. But many use alternative energy sources,including a plane powered only by solar panels.

Have you ever wondered how an airplane works? If you have,today is your lucky day? In order to fly,airplanes need to be made out of aluminum or titanium .This is because aluminum is a lightweight that is good because the plane can lift itself and titanium it's a steal so no one get out of the plane.The parts of an airplane are,also important in how the airplane works,especially the engine and the wings.the engine is to create thrust to fly.wings help the airplane by. When air across their wings create an upward force on the wings.Air pressure also affect how airplanes works. Air pressure is hot air expands>makes it lighter than colder air and allows the plane to move up into the,it’s clear that the materials,parts,and air pressure play an important role in how an airplane works.

This is an airplane engine

Gas is not the only option to power a plane.Solar cell,green diesel fuel blends,and Jet fuel can all power airplanes!one way to power an airplane is to use solar cells.Solar cells can be used to provide electricity of commercial planes and cowered planes and powered smaller planes.In addition to solar cells,some planes are powered by Green Diesel Fuel Blend.Green Diesel Fuel is a blend with vegetable oil,waste cooking oil and waste animal fats.Another Alternative Energy Source is Renewable Jet fuel.these Jet fuel are made oil-seed Plants and are mixed with regular jet power, green diesel fuel blend, and renewable jet fuels are all exciting new ways to power airplanes.

Did you know that planes can use solar energy to fly from one place to a another? The Solar Impulse 2 is one example that recently flew its first successful flight. The Solar Impulse 2 used 17,000 solar panels and zero fuel.The plane managed to fly 26,000 around the world but it took 505 days. It averaged only 45 mph, which is slower than a car on a highway. Compared to the Boeing 747 the Solar Impulse 2 is not very practical. It can only hold 1 passenger, compared to 524 passengers for the Boeing 747. The weight of Impulse 2 is 2.3 tons.The Boeing 747 weighs 154 tons. A trip that takes only 17 hours on a Boeing 747 takes 5 or 6 days on the Solar Impulse 2. While the Solar Impulse 2 is not very practical when compared to a Boeing 747, the hope is that one day it will be able to compete with the Boeing 747.

This is the solar impulse 2

Clearly, different kinds of airplanes work very similar, but how they are powered can be very different. Instead of using non-renewable fuel, there is more and more use of alternate energy sources.

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