Captain James Cook Age of exporation

Captain James Cook

Do you know anything about Captain James Cook? Well did you know that Cook joined the Royal Navy in his late life. He was born on November 7, 1728 in Marton, United Kingdom. James Cook was a British navigator and explorer who sailed and mapped much of the South Pacific.Let's learn more about Captain James Cook.

This is the map of Captain James Cook's voyages

Purpose Of Expedition: Cook explored because he observed the planet Venus as a small black dot while it passed between Earth and Sun. Doing that he could measure the distance from Venus and Earth.

Obstacles They Faced: James and his crew had difficulties with the Natives stealing from a fort he had constructed for his scientific equipment. After leaving Australia his crew suddenly got struck by health problems.

Accomplishments: Cook's accomplishments included among other things such as, mapping the coast of Australia, mapping the country of New Zealand and dispelling the myth that there was an additional continent.

Location Found: Captain James Cook is credited with being the first European to make contact with Hawiian Islands and Eastern coast of Australia and the first European to circle the Island of New Zealand. As a member of the Royal Navy he claimed many of these areas of England.

Did You Know?: Cook's first voyage included a secret misson from the British goverment. Cook helped pioneer new metnods warding off scurvy. and NASA named a spacecrafts after his ships.

Character Traits: I think that Captain James Cook is Curious because in the Purpose Of Expedition paragraph he seams curious about the planet Venus and why did he want to measure? No one knows

I'm a young Native but strong. But one day a man with a vary big canoe oh wait it's a ship, he is a vary nice man vary tall and his name was Captain James Cook. He asked us if we wanted to trade and if he could stay over night. We agreed. When it was dinner time I sat next to him by the fire. I looked at him then i started asking him a bunch of questions like "When did you explore?'", "Why did you explore?", "What obstacles did you face while you where exploring?" "Well I started exploring in 1770. Why did I explore? I was observing a small black dot witch was the planet Venus, it was passing between the sun and earth doing that I can measure the distance between Venus and Earth. We had difficulties with some different Natives stealing from a fort I had built for my scientific equipment, and after we left Australia me and my crew got struck by health problems.


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