Superheroes and Supervillains Science, Space and Superpowers

Assessment Task 2 DETAILS:

  • Weighting: 20%
  • Due Date: Term 2 Week 7 (more info on portal)
  • Marking Rubric
Choose one of the following Mission Briefs
First requirement for superhero/supervillain design:

Your superhero/supervillain must be able to do and explain the science behind one of the following:

  • Escape gravity on earth
  • Travel at the speed of light
  • Have the ability to manipulate light
  • Have the ability to manipulate sound waves
  • Have the ability to manipulate Electromagnetic Radiation

In order to successfully complete this requirement, throughout the term you will be studying the following superpowers:

  1. Heat transfer
  2. Reflection, refraction and absorption for invisibility
  3. Waves, sound waves & supersonic sound
  4. Electromagnetic radiation
  5. Gravity
  6. Speed of light and light years
Second requirement for Superhero/Supervillain design

Your creation must have embedded within it's DNA, ARMOUR, or SUPERPOWER three Scientific discoveries or development that can enhance his/her abilities. Make sure to outline the science in detail.

For some inspiration, look below to find some Current Scientific Discoveries and developments

  1. Wearable Iron Man Jetpack
  2. Wearable telekinesis headset
  3. Google cyborg eye implant
  4. Nanobots in blood
  5. Touch Screen Body
  6. Human microchip and cyborg technology
  7. Space technology development
  8. The worlds first flying car
  9. Reprogramming cells in the human body
  10. Military enhancement development
Third requirement: create the physical aspects of your superhero or supervillain. You may use:

Fourth Requirement: Create a comic strip that that shows your superhero showcasing their superpowers and the science behind it, in response to the mission brief.

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