Food of World War ii By: Ally Farris and Sydney self

World War ll was a time of great despair all around the world. Many people died and lives were dramatically changed. One aspect of most everyone's life that was changed was their eating habits. Wartime shortages caused food to be a leisure, especially for those who lived in internment camps. People imprisoned in camps did not get nearly enough food to sustain a healthy life. While many lived in constant fear of not having a meal, people all over the world were suffering because of rationing.

People imprisoned in the camps got deathly skinny very fast, they were only fed the bare minimum to keep them alive, but not enough to keep them strong enough for the intense manual labor that they had to do.

Generally the prisoners morning "meal" would consist of a small ration of imitation tea or coffee, and for lunch they would get small amounts of watered down "soup" and if they were lucky they got a piece of a turnip or a potato peel. And for dinner it wasn't much better, consisting of a small, usually black, old and stale piece of bread. On occasion they would get little bits of sausage or cheese, but not often.

Millions dies because of mass genocide, brutality, and starvation. But lack of food was the number one cause of death.

Rations were set in place all over to ensure everyone had food to eat, even though the rations were quite small each family still got food.
Ration cards were used for any person that wanted food, each family only got so many ration points for the week or month, and if they ran out they couldn't get more. The rations weren't much and in todays world most people eat a whole weeks worth of rationed food in one day.
The reasoning behind rationing was because we needed to compensate for shortages, and balance supply and demand.

Food of World War ll was minimal, and it affected people all over the world. However, rationing helped to ensure everybody got to eat. Food is essential to everybody's life, and that's why it's so important.


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