Inala Bushcare bettering inala one plant at a time

“Anyone is welcome to join. We want to get to know the local people and bring nature to the suburbs" - John Maelich Leader of Inala Bushcare

Inala Bushcare has been turning Inala greener one plant at a time.

Inala Bushcare is a group of Inala residents who volunteer and spend their time revegetating the local natural environment.

The Inala Bushcare team. (Supplied by Inala Bushcare).

The group formed in 2009 and holds monthly meetings, along with regular family friendly planting days.

John Maelich, who is the leader of Inala Bushcare, says the motivation behind creating the group was to “improve the local environment and biodiversity in Inala and connect residents with nature.”

“We are located in Kev. Hooper Park, which is southwest of Brisbane, and we are supported by Brisbane’s Habitat Program,” Maelich said.

“The park is an important part of the local Inala community and is home to many species of birds, mammals and amphibians,” he said.

“At the moment we are revegetating Boss Creek to provide habitat for wildlife due to the urban sprawl which is displacing it. We hope that this will help create a local green corridor.”

Despite the many positive aspects of Inala, like the Inala Bushcare group, Maelich acknowledges that the area has a notoriously bad reputation.

“Yes, it has a bad reputation because it is a low socio-economic area, but it is no different than Forest Lake, Durack, or Oxley.

There is so much to love about Inala. It has a diverse cultural population, is close to Ipswich and the CBD, has good infrastructure, and lots of green spaces and wildlife for people to enjoy.”

Maelich and the Inala Bushcare group are just one of the many positive initiatives occurring in the Inala area and they have ambitions of growing.

“We will continue to create more green spaces in order to bring more nature and wildlife to the area. Scientific studies have proven that interacting with nature improves peoples’ mental and physical health.”

“We need nature, but nature doesn’t need us. I encourage people everywhere to get out and enjoy it.”

By Chloe Cufflin

Appendix - ALL images supplied by Inala Bushcare.

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