Something i learn about in creative writing is the historiry of writing. The definition of history of writing to me is how they would write in the past or history but it might not be the real definition . So some thing i am going to talk about is what is the earliest writing. Also what they write on and much more. So keep on reading and i will give you some facts about history of writing.

Now lets talk about some history or writing, The earliest writing seems to be an according device to record inventory. Clay tokens were used for this purpose in the Mediterranean as early as 8000 BCE and were common by 4000 BCE. Clay tablets back in the day showed early pictographic writing which later it became, wedge shaped Cuneiform. Cuneiform really had a wedged shape and was first used in 3000 BCE. The earliest Chinese writing was calked "oracle bone" script inscribed on a tortoise shell or ox bone. The Chinese calligraphic poem is written on silk. The rosetta stone was carved around 290 BCE and was discovered in 1799.

This is what i learned about history writing. I hope you learn a lot of things about history of writing. What was your favorite. Also what did you learn about history of writing.

This is what they would write on early in the day aka back in the day since paper and pencils was not created


Who want to learn how to write a Diamanté Poem. Well today is your lucky day because i will be teaching you how to write it step by step. A Diamanté Poem is a poem that gives you directions for each line. So i will tell you what are the directions and steps. So lets get started so you can learn something new.

Ok now lets write a Diamanté Poem. First you write one noun in the first line. Then on Second line is two adjective that describe the noun. Third line is three words that end with -ing that is related to noun. The fourth line is a four word phrase relating to noun/subject. Third line is three words that end with -ing that relate to the noun/subject. Next line is 2 adjective that describe the noun. Restate the noun and you see that it might make a diamond.

Now you know how to write a Diamanté Poem. Don't forget but it don't matter if you do because just read the article again you will learn how to write it step by step. If you have any question get in contact with me at any time. That is how i learned how to write a Diamanté Poem by using these steps. Hope these steps help you learn how to write a Diamanté Poem.

This is the format for how a Diamanté Poem suppose to look like and what it have to have. This is a drawing that i made.

Today I will be comparing and contrasting two poems. The two poems i will be comparing and contrasting is a Diamanté Poem and a Haiku Poem. Comparing mean telling the similarities. Contrasting mean telling the difference. So i will be first telling you about the difference the similarities.


Diamanté Poem have 7 lines but Haiku Poems have 3 lines. Also a Diamanté Poem how many words to write on each line and what the words are suppose to be like adjective or verbs. A Haiku tell us how many syllables to have on each line. A Diamanté Poem was first made/created in 1644-1902. A haiku poem was first name hokku but they change the name to haiku in 1867-1902 but it was first made in 1644-1694.


There are not to much similarities between a haiku and Diamanté Poem, but i will give you some that i know. They both tell you how many lines you need to have. Also they both are poems. Those are the only similarities i know but i will give you the websites i use to find out.

Those are the similarities and differences between a haiku poem and a Diamanté Poem.

This is what i made on a website called keepcalm and if yall will like to create one like is down below i did this because they did not have a picture of a Diamanté Poem and a haiku poem together


Noun- a word other than a pronoun usually is a person, place, or thing

Adjective- it describe a noun or anything using details but you dont have to use details just have to describe a noun

BCE- it is a abbreviation standing for Before the Common Era

History of writing- how they would write back in the day or writing of history

Describe- including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events.( example white 6 feet talk with blonde hair)


1. How many lines does a Diamanté Poem have?

1. Answer 7 lines

2. How many syllables are in the first line in a Haiku Poem?

2. Answer- 5 syllables

3. What is my major?

3. Answer - Creative writing

4. Look in the glossary what does the word noun mean?

4. Answer- A word other than a pronoun usually is a person, place, or thing

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