My Religious Travels of the World By Priscilla jacobson


On my first day of travel I went to the one of the major holy cities of Hinduism, Ayodhya. This city has a big role in the ancient Indian epic called Ramayana. In my travels there, I encountered the chief place of worship called Ramkot which is located in the ancient citadel. The building is very colorful and has a lot of detail in the walls. This sacred location attracts devotees from all over India on Ram Navami, the day of the Lord's birth.

The city of Ayodhya
Sacred worship location, Ramkot.


My next stop is Lumbini, Nepal. This is a very sacred city for the religion of Buddhism because this city is where the Buddha was born. While in this city, I visited the Ashokan Pillar, which is an inscribed pillar that was placed by Emporer Ashoka on the place of Buddha's birth. The atmosphere here in Lumbini is very peaceful and calm. The temple around the pillar is white and is dedicated to Buddha.

Lumbini, Nepal
Ashokan Pillar surrounded by prayer flags.


In my next travel location I arrived in Saudi Arabia. I visited a mountain called Mt Sinai. This is a sacred site in Judaism because it is said to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments. The mountain is a whopping 2,285 miles high and is visited by many religious travelers through out the year, including myself. Standing at the bottom of the mountain in person was an experience in itself!

Mount Sinai
Location of Mount Sinai.


My next travel location is in the city of Bethlemhem. This city attracts pilgrims worldwide because of it's description in the New Testament as the birth place of Jesus. Within this city, I was introduced to the Church of Nativity. This church is known to be one of the oldest churches in the world and is the focus of the city. I enjoyed my stay in Bethlehem a lot and would highly recommend visiting! The city is very unique and has an at-home feeling to it.

The city of Bethlehem.
The Church of Nativity


My last stop consists of the visit to the city of Mecca. This city is the most holy in the Islam religion for it is believed to be the birth place of the founder of Islam, Mohammed. Mecca is the home to The Kaaba, which according to the Islamic tradition, was built by prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael as a symbol of the house of God. The city of Mecca was very beautiful with very detailed architecture.

City of Mecca.
The Kaaba

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