The Divine A Tragic Play

The entrance for Constans Theatre was very welcoming. We sat in the middle so we can see the actors walk through the pathway and get a good view of the stage. When the lights started to dim I got chills throughout my body as I have not seen a play in awhile so I was really excited.

(I had written consent to use this picture)

(I had written consent to use this picture)

This is my roommate and I. He is a bit of a goofball, but he definitely helped enhance the experience because he helped get me excited for the play. I watched the Inside Mecca video before I went to the play as I knew it was a religious play and I wanted to get in the spirit of religion beforehand.

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I believe the central issue during the performance could be interpreted as to do what you want to do no matter what you're told. Talbot did not do that as he strives to be a priest even though he dislikes it so much. The play was very sad at the end and made you look at things like child labor at an even worse perspective.

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After watching The Divine I really felt kind of bad. The way you can come clean after watching this play is you can look at all the things you've done in life, and compare it to this play. This play is realistic as it doesn't just be happy all the time, it hits the dark aspects of life, and we all know there is many of those. You can come clean by confessing your sins where you look down on people not as fortunate as yourself, and make sure that you try and be a better person, a person with a clean slate.

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