Estuary biome By:sydney and katherine

Location: Estuaries can be found along the coast and on beaches. Sometimes estuaries can be created by the sea level rising to fill a valley.

Plants: all of the plants that grow in estuarys are used to salty conditions. Some of the plants that grow in estuaries salt grass, alkali and pickle weed.

Animals: There are lots of small invertebrates such as shrimp, worms, mussels, small fish,and birds such as geese and herons.

People: People drained and filled estuaries with dirt, then later they realized that estuaries were helpful because the acted as a natural storm barrier by absorbing the waves energy so that waves don't harm the land or the people.

Geography and physical features: estuaries are swamp like areas with shallow water muddy land and sandy land around it. Esetuarie can be in the form of multiple rivers entwining in then meeting in the ocean or the ocean meeting the river at the rivers mouth.

Fun facts: Other names for esruaries are harbor, lagoon, inlet and bay. Esetuarie are we're ocean water and fresh water combined.

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