Westward Expansion If you traveled west in a covered wagon

A long time ago, around 150 years back, there were no cars, trucks, buses, or airplanes. The only possible way to get across the country, was to ride your horse, or travel in a covered wagon, pulled by a horse. Through the 1840s and 50s, a lot of people traveled to the West. You traveled West because people told stories to make it sound like a magical, great place. They would travel for months and months, and then get there to find out that it wasn't that great. It was hard for them because, if there wasn't enough room in the wagon, they had to walk.

Some times the indians were mean, and sometimes they would be friendly.If they were friendly, they would trade with the settlers. Pioneers would aways want these shoes called "moccasins". They didn't have shoes. If the indians were mean, they might try to steal the animals that were pulling the wagon.

Pros of going West Cons of going West

  1. They could sometimes find gold
  2. They could get themselves a new pair of moccasins
  3. They could make new friends

Cons of going west

  1. They could get stuck in the mud when it was raining
  2. They could get their animals stolen by the Native Americans
  3. They could run out of food and starve
A wagon that the settlers used to carry important things.
What the trail was like

Back then, they didn't have Siri to tell them where to go. They would hire trail guides. The trail guides would be people who have traveled the trail before. If you couldn't hire a trail guide, they would just have to remember the directions that they were told before.

One interesting fact, is that sometimes, the settlers slept under the wagon! Weird, right?

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