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Birth Photography

  • Labor goes through several phases, during the labor you’ll receive all support from your partner and midwife, therefore, I will be there to portrait those special moments with great sensitivity and professionalism!
  • Photos of the first breath of life, the first look – imprinting -, the first clothes, first feeding, recognising the voice of mom and dad, all the kisses and thanking for the life that has just born!

What to expect

  • Previous meeting to brief and talk about every detail and relevant information.
  • Between 38 and 42 weeks I'll be on-call. This means that I'll have to be prepared with my cameras for 1 month.
  • It's important for us to have a communication;
  • It's also important to have a previous authorization from the hospital. If the labor progress to a c-section, I need to know if I'm allowed to go or not.
  • During your birth labor, I might will go out to give you privacy, walk nearby and grab a coffee :)
  • I don't use flash, but it's welcome warm-lamps in your room to help me with the lightning, otherwise I'll have a big trouble to photograph the birth. And if you feel comfortable with a natural light coming through the window, could be an option. I know that during the labor, it's important to have a cozy space and no interference, but keep in mind that I need some light.
  • I won't talk to you unless it's necessary or if you want to talk to me. I normally choose a place in a room so I do not disturb the process.
  • Feel free to ask me to go outside or to put my camera down for a little. I'll understand that it's not personal. I can come back after a while.
  • After the birth, I'll stay with you to photograph the first baby's moments and the first family portrait! Yay!

After the birth.

After our lovely time spent together, I will send to you a sneak peek with some photos in a online gallery, within 5 workdays, but I guarantee that you won't wait to much time ;)


  • 1 month of on-call + birth labor (we don't know exactly how long it is)
  • In Stockholm.
  • Taxi transportation costs will be charged if not possible take the subway,
  • About 150 photos in png (high resolution and web resolution) send by link or pen drive; This number is an average for a 12 hours labor, there's no exactly number.
  • Price: 8000:- including MOMs
  • Session fee: 50%
  • After the session: 50%

Memories for a lifetime - Albums and canvas.

As a former graphic designer, I really enjoy to do a photo album. That represents not only the final product, but it goes beyond, this is when you can look back to the past and remember everything.

  • Album with 40 pages and max of 50 photos.
  • 28x28 cm - 1500:-
  • 20x20cm - 1250:-
  • A4 size - 1300:-
  • A5 size - 1100:-
  • Canvas from 500:-
  • P.s: you can add more pages to your album. 30:- per extra page.

Important information:

  • Session is booked with the fee payment;
  • If birth labor goes really fast and there's no time for me to meet you, I'll photograph the postpartum. ;
  • If a natural birth progress to a c-section and I'm not authorized to photograph, you can have a money credit for a future family session;
  • At least 40 work days to receive your final package. That depends on the product;
  • I take the sessions in English, but I'll be happy to practice mitt svenska språk

Curiosities from my work:

  • I'm part of the IAPB - International Association of Professional Birth Photographers
  • Recently I was asked to be the Ambassador in Sweden to represent Professional Birth Photographers of Europe
  • In 2015 – Photo of my work was published in Janet Balaskas book – Active Birth.

Contact information:

  • Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
  • withlove@talithacicon.com
  • 073 0802870 (sms, what's app)
  • www.facebook.com/talithacicon
  • www.talithacicon.com
Tack. Thank you. Obrigada // Talitha
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