Non-Fiction samantha skiles

Non-Fiction is any text based on facts and not opinions.
Where can Non-Fiction be found? Non-Fiction can be found in technical, blogs, satire, essays, research papers, articles, biographies.
What Non-Fiction have I read? For a research paper I recently wrote, I read this book ┬ĘSlavery in America" for me to find facts about slavery and to make sure all my information was factional and not opinionated.
Times Magazine is another Non-Fiction writing text.
What is the difference between Fiction writing and Non-Fiction writing? The biggest difference is that Non-Fiction is true and Fiction is not.
Watch out for bias writing!! Bias writing is text that prejudice one side of the story over another usually unfair, this writing is not Non-Fiction!!
You don┬┤t want any opinions in Non-Fiction writing.
Watch out for none reliable sites!!

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