Rad Coffee: Not Your Average Coffee Shop Monica Alvarez

Phone Number: (909) 920-0788 | Store Hours: Everyday 6 AM - 10 PM

"You are Rad Coffee, Together, We are Rad Coffee.”

Rad Coffee is a punk coffee shop located in downtown Upland that serves unique coffee drinks to its wide variety of customers.

Rad Coffee is not your typical coffee shop. This unique coffee shop opened its doors back in March 2015. Owners Jade and Rusty, who worked as baristas before opening the shop, both had a love for coffee. However, they both felt that something was missing in the coffee world, so they combined Rusty’s love for punk music and skateboarding with Jade’s obsession with skeletons and horror and came up with the idea of Rad Coffee.

Although Rad Coffee might have a specific theme, its doors are open to everyone. According to the website, “Rad Coffee’s mission is to bring constant change and creativity to something as simple as a cup of coffee.... We wanted to bring people something different and something that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s the free spirits, a business person, your local handyman, the artist with tattoos all over their face or last but definitely not least, you!”

Their drink options are unusual and not likely to be found anywhere else. They have cereal chillers that include a frappuccino-like blend topped with colored whipped cream and different cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix and Cookies Crisp.

Names of drinks are influenced by classic movies or characters. Some names are The Frankenstein, Dracula, Black Forest and Cookies and Scream.

To the left we have a Caramel blend drink and to the right we have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Chiller.

They also offer a pick-me-up drink to help you study for finals called The Great White. The Great White is a 32-ounce drink made with four shots of espresso, cold brew concentrate, organic almond, white mocha and caramel sauce chilled over ice.

Rad Coffee also offers vegan drinks and pastries. If you do not want dairy, they accommodate by offering hemp or soy milk.

You can purchase merchandise which differs from season to season. They also sell a skull shaped espresso cup.

Though the shop is not known to many, regular customer and CSUSB commuter Samantha Valencia enjoys the punk-themed coffee shop. “The scene there is just really chill,” said Valencia, “My favorite drinks are Horchata-gato, Leprechaun or any cereal latte-based drink. They are odd mixes of drinks that are just great.”

Next time you’re on your way to school, make a stop at Rad Coffee and have a rad experience. In doing so, you will be supporting a local business that will be more than happy to serve you. You can even make it on their social media account by posting a picture of your drink and tagging them at radcoffeeco.

If you are a commuter it is not a far drive.
Tag them to get your drink featured on their IG page

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