Number the stars Kalen carr

In chapter one of number the stars it is about three girls named Ellen Annemarie and Kristi. They were racing to the corner where they live Kristi is Annemarie's younger sister. When Annemarie made it to the corner there wer two Soilders one of them said HALTE. then they stop them. then Annemarie and Kristi went Home and then they got a snack after Kristi told her mom what happened.
Chapter two was about Annemarie telling Kristi a fairy tale before they went to bed. It was about a king a queen and a princess who lived in Copenhagen and Annemarie's sister Lise had died. she got married to peter. Annemarie always looked in her box. It had Lise's weeding dress and the yellow dress that she danced in when she was married to peter then Kristi fell asleep.
Chapter three: Annmarie was taking the long way home so she would have to see those soldiers. Her sister had a button missing off of her coat. So she told Annmarie to take Kristi to get a bottom for her sweater. The as Annmarie walked by she say the swastika sign on the window. She told her mom and then peter came over everyone was so happy. brought the girls seashells and then her mom and dad some Beer.
Chapter4: this chapter was about Ellen's parents may be thrown in jail and science there danish. Then Ellen had to stay with Annmarie and her family. Then if somebody were to come and search there apartment. then Annmarie and Ellen would have to be sisters. It would be so obvious because there always together said Annmarie's mom.
Chapter5: in this chapter Ellen and Annmarie were talking about Lise Ellen asked what had happened to her then Annmarie said that she did not know. Then they heard a bang on the 🚪 Then Annmarie yanked the necklace off and the soilder looked in the room. Then one of the soilders asked where did you get the darker haired one, then papa ripped 3 pictures of Annmarie,Lise, and Kristi then the soilder left and when Annmarie opened her hand and had the imprint of the Star of David on her palm
Chapter7: In This chapter Annmarie Ellen momma, and Kristi are all staying At uncle Henhenriks house and they saw two boats and Ellen asked Annemarie "is that your uncles boat and then Annemarie said "I don't know I can't see it from this far. Then her mom tells and you wanna help me fix up dinner and so they did. Then Annemarie saw the applesauce which was something different. Then they went to bed in mammas old room and Kristi was already asleep in the wide bed that there grandparents used to live in and she was already asleep and as Ellen puts her night gown on she touches her neck and asked Annemarie where her necklace is anAnnmarie said I hid it in a very safe place where no one will find it.
Chapter eight. During the conversation, Annemarie realizes that the grown-ups are speaking in code again—something about "fishing." She doesn't quite know what it means, but it can't be good. Then Henrik announces some strange news: they're going to have a funeral that night for Great-aunt Birte, coffin and all. Annemarie doesn't get it: she's pretty sure they don't have a Great-aunt Birte.
In chapter nine they found out that there was no aunt brite it was all a lie. they don't know why it was a lie. but later that night, people were walking in the house looking at "aunt brite".Everybody was in dark clothes it was actually kinda scary that they were wearing dark clothes.Annemarie said and that is why they do that you don't want to wear bright clothes momma said.
Chapter ten. The nazis went into the house because of the casket. They searched the apartment swiftly. They were being really rude with there stuff. Then he asked why the casket wasn't open and then momma said that a good idea why not. Then the soilder slaps momma across the face and said no do it when I'm gone. Then momma said ok.
In chapter 11 they opened the casket the was no women in there, their was just clothes. Then peter handed the clothes out and said "it's going to be cold this season" then he gave them the clothes. Then there was nothing for a baby so then momma said hold on and grabbed kristis jacket.
In this chapter 12 momma left to go back in town. Ellen and Annemarie were wondering if Ellen's parents came home and momma wanted/need to talk to them. And then Annemarie went and looked in the room that momma and Kristi were staying in and then Annemarie saw momma.
Chapter 13This chapter is about Annemarie asked what time it is and her mom said it must be around four thirty. Annemarie looked at her mother swollen ankle and then look more down the the floor and gasped and saw the packet that peter gave mr.rosen. Mr.rosen tripped on the step it must have fallen out Annemarie said. She and her mother went to the house and went back to bed.
In this chapter 14 Annemarie and her mom were walking through the woods to get that packet the Mr.Rosen. And the chapter was kinda like little red riding hood and how Annemarie would tell Kristi the story and how she would always change little parts just to jazz it up. Then her and her mom hear growling Annemarie takes a step after step after step THEN SHE SEES IT THERE ARE TWO GAURDS WITH TWO DOGS AND BOTH OF THE DOGS HAVE THERE LIP CURLED😲
The main idea of this chapter 15 is about Annemarie taking uncle Henrik that packet which was covered with a napkin,🥖,🍎, and 🧀. Then she 🏃 into two soilders that take the🥖 and the 🧀then they see the🍎 and see that it is bruised one of the soilders trough it down and the 🐶 sniff it and back away from the apple. Then the soilder picks the napkin up and see the packet then Annemarie takes him the rest of his lunch and then tells her to go back home
The main idea in paragraph 16 is about uncle Henrik giving Annemarie a milking lesson. That not all, uncle Henrik told Annemarie about the Rosen. And the handkerchief has a special,drug on it that make the dogs loose there sense of smell and so then the fisherman can take the Germans to Sweden then the milk lesson is over.
In this chapter 17 it is two years later and Annemarie was 12 they had returned home to Copenhagen. Then her momma and papa were talking about lise. They were talking about her death. Annemarie heard and saw the people dancing and heard the music. The music was when Lise and peter were announcing they were getting in engaged. Then Annemarie goes over to the box with Lise's dress and opens the skirt and pulls out Ellen's necklace with the Star of David and then asks her dad if he can fix it and he answered yes with a smile on his face.

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