Looking Forward to the Future In pairs, answer the following questions

Five years from now, will you be studying a foreign language? Which one?
10 years from now, will you have moved to another country?
Everyone is using tablets these days, so by 2022, will books have disappeared?
In 20 years' time, will robots be living with us?
By the year 2040, will the earth population have peaked at 20 billion?

Have a look at this video and then answer the question below.

In 10 years' time, do you think you will have a flying car?

By the year, 2030, will petrol vehicles have become obsolete?
In 10 years' time, will renewables have overtaken fossil fuels?
By the year 2030, will we have found life in other planets?
In 10 years' time, will we be using translating apps to speak foreign languages?


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