Marcos Piccinini Copywriter - Creative Director

My name is Marcos Piccinini. People call me Marcos, or Picci, or some unsavory things I better not put here. I believe that good ideas combined with hard work can do wonders, because when separate, they just won’t do. I've been working in comms since 1996, advertising since 2000 and in the US since 2015. Nice ride so far. Not stopping anytime soon.

Agencies: Grey, Ogilvy, Globo (Brazil) and JWT Atlanta (USA).

Clients: Shell/Pennzoil/Jiffy Lube, Marine Corps, U.S. Virgin Islands, Church's, Atlanta United, P&G, Coca-Cola, HSBC Bank, Glaxo Smith Kline, Zurich Insurance, 3M, Mercedes-Benz, Harley-Davidson, WWF, Globo and others.

Awards: Cannes Lions (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 8 shortlists), The One Show (Green Pencil, 2 Bronze, 3 Finalist), LIAA (1 Gold, 2 Silver), D&AD (1 Graphite, 1 Wood, 3 Finalist), Clio (Silver and Bronze) and others (ADDYs, FIAP, El Ojo, CCSP).

US Green Card Holder


Deforested Field WWF

Intervention developed for WWF in Brazil and aired during the national team game broadcast, to bring awareness to the ongoing deforestation rate.

Pennzoil Films Shell

A tribute to the great American legend on its last production year.

Exorcising the Demon

With subtle nods to the classic exorcism movies, we delivered a powerful, roaring 150 seconds of adrenaline to the fans of the 840 HP madhouse of a car that is the Dodge Demon.

Real Nice U.S. Virgin Islands

The United States Virgin Islands want you to visit not because they are just what you would expect from a Caribbean destination: they are authentic, genuinely nice people. So we let the culture, the experiences and the sounds speak for themselves.

Lullaride Silver Cross

Created to solve a real problem in a fun way, Lullaride offers a different take on the traditional GPS navigation apps, since it's not designed to get you a quick route, but to get your baby to sleep.

Here's the Deal Church's Chicken

For Church’s 2018 campaign, we developed a brand new concept, and an overarching idea to work in two fronts: the colloquialism of the sentence, where we want to show how truthful and authentic our food is; and the literal sense too - the deal is here, waiting for you, at Church's Chicken.

We started with the message being delivered by the ones that could better capture the authentic tone we were looking for: the employees.

The campaign evolved, and we could explore different aspects of the business, like the innovation behind every new menu item. Still providing the authentic feel, and the real deal in the content. No BS, just the truth and good food, together.

Once our voice and main message was established, we were also able to make simpler executions, with food and VO, and even try different tones, never fully departing from the successful formula: truthful insight, delicious food, great deals.

Jiffy Space Station Jiffy Lube

In early 2018, SpaceX dominated the news cycle with the launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket, and the revealing of its payload: a car.

So now we have cars in space. The timing was perfect to release an April Fools’ video through our social channels, to entertain and further spread our message: where there’s a car, there’s a Jiffy.

Light Billboard PS Brands

To launch a new line of flashlights, we turned the product into the media itself.

Boy HSBC Bank

For HSBC Wealth Management, we created a concept based on this insight: the sooner you realize what's important in your life, the better.

Drive On Shell Helix

Global campaign that explores the various reasons why people drive. Whatever that reason may be, Shell Helix provides the ultimate performance so they can drive on.

99 Turns

Elvis DNA Song Rolling Stone Magazine

Combining new technology that reads music from human DNA with a sample of Elvis Presley's hair, Rolling Stones brought The King back for a special encore.

Focus Capital One

Video created to present a new product for internal audiences at the client. Developed together with ISL.

Time is Relative GCO

Georgia Commute Options is an initiative that offers incentives for residents of the state that choose to commute to and from work in any way but one: driving alone. We developed a concept to create the sense of movement: Drive Change. When you start a change in your life, you might start a trnd, and that’s what we all want to achieve.

Love Meter Jersey Topper

Topper is one of the most famous sports brand in Brazil, and when they partnered with one of the most passionate fan base in the world, the idea was simple: create a special edition of their famous jersey that could find the fan who loved Grêmio the most.